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Past Videos
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How to escape the cops. 1 views May, 28
The lightning speed with which police deploy a spike strip. 79 views May, 27
Mountain biker narrowly avoids charging bear. 102 views May, 26
Man jogs upside down to attract wild emus. 83 views May, 25
Diving into 1,000 mousetraps in slow motion. 105 views May, 24
Guy makes good money farming in other people's yards. 109 views May, 23
The Navy SEAL key to overcoming mental barriers. 104 views May, 22
This Is What Happens When You Put Yourself In A Trucker's Blind Spot 45 views May, 21
Truck Avoids Head on Crash 117 views May, 20
Overweight truck burns up his brakes coming down mountain 201 views May, 19
All you can carry for $59.99 sale at U-Pull-&-Pay Denver. 411 views May, 18
Guy tries to sell his '96 Suzuki Vitara. 121 views May, 17
When your kid loves firetrucks and sees one right outside. 42 views May, 16
Police officer saves autistic boy from drowning in pond. 99 views May, 16
Weather girl casually drops Star Wars puns. 100 views May, 15
The poor man's selfie drone. 54 views May, 14
Millennial home buyer. 95 views May, 13
Young fan gives decoy ball to pretty girl in the crowd. 132 views May, 12
Trumpet players warming up is a beautiful sound. 94 views May, 11
Animated map reveals 550,000 miles of undersea cables. 121 views May, 10
Man learns not to mess with the Asiatic Lion. 130 views May, 9
Mom brought to tears when wild bird comforts her while visiting son's grave. 139 views May, 8
Ladder safety tips that could save your life. 62 views May, 7
Johnny Depp crashed Disneyland's Pirates of The Caribbean ride in character. 97 views May, 6
If you've ever wondered just how big a Kodiak bear is... 140 views May, 5
The tallest dive coaster in the world. 155 views May, 4
Snake targets motorcyclist. 192 views May, 3
Bowling a perfect game in only 90 seconds (new world record). 133 views May, 2
A well-trained dog. 123 views May, 1
If you've ever wondered just how big a Kodiak bear is... 150 views April, 29
The boy who can't forget. 169 views April, 28
Singer proves he's not lip-syncing while performing live. 139 views April, 27
Fibonacci spiral shaving. 124 views April, 26
Japanese coffee vending machine shows its working process live on an LCD screen. 109 views April, 24
Senior prank done right. 120 views April, 23
What happens when you add water to compressed soil. 159 views April, 22
Star Wars duel at the fencing world championship. 103 views April, 21
Semi truck flips over outside of Nashville 272 views April, 20
The truth about sugar. 158 views April, 19
The man who swims with crocodiles. 138 views April, 18
How to sound smarter without actually being smarter. 158 views April, 17
MOAB - Mother of All Bombs GBU-43/B 111 views April, 16
These automated, package-sorting robots are totally mesmerizing. 136 views April, 15
That's one way to ride a merry-go-round... 148 views April, 14
Hidden Cam: Diamond markups exposed at Tiffany, Cartier, and others. 208 views April, 11
Trucker makes epic anti-texting and driving rant. 190 views April, 10
Self-starting siphon. 167 views April, 8
Inspirational video to increase your confidence. 145 views April, 7
Guy builds a kiln and pottery from scratch. 136 views April, 6
Eye-tracking glasses show what a professional pianist sees while playing. 157 views April, 5
Are GMOs good or bad? 147 views April, 4
Watching this dovetail joint slide into place is so satisfying. 174 views April, 3
That awkward moment when Hugh Jackman used to be your teacher. 109 views April, 2
Performing classical music with two handguns. 152 views April, 1
Cute cat shows off incredible skills with cup-and-ball game 169 views March, 31
How to Tell if a Guy Likes You vs How to Tell if a Girl Likes Yo 243 views March, 30
Test your awareness. 172 views March, 29
These wolves are in a hurry. 233 views March, 28
Brave golfer handles a gator on the course 227 views March, 27
The most unsatisfying video ever created. 142 views March, 26
Get up-close and personal with a nuclear reactor. 178 views March, 25
Sesame Street mashed up with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony is pretty wonderful 164 views March, 24
Burglars caught in the act 235 views March, 22
China Dash Cam: Truck Loses Its Cargo and smothers a car in bricks 298 views March, 21
Tilapia skin might be a better alternative to bandages for burn victims 156 views March, 20
Cop handles vicious dogs like a pro 164 views March, 19
Nature videographer gives rhino a belly rub 180 views March, 18
Atlanta news team pays tribute to Notorious B.I.G. 182 views March, 17
5-year-old finds out he's getting a new heart 187 views March, 16
This video is not in reverse 350 views March, 15
Jack Russell Terrier runs wild at the dog show 270 views March, 14
NHP trooper gets sprayed with beer during traffic stop 305 views March, 13
Trucking is not what is use to be -Trucker Steve 189 views March, 12
This plane lands so low it almost touches the beach 261 views March, 11
We don't know why this motorcycle swing exists, but we're not complaining 311 views March, 10
Magician hiding in plain sight 244 views March, 9
This insane bike race goes through all kinds of weather 216 views March, 8
Watch this male hummingbird put the moves on his mate 246 views March, 7
State Trooper delivers an important PSA. 299 views March, 4
Florence + The Machine serenades a dying girl. 199 views March, 3
UPS Tests Residential Delivery Via Drone 245 views March, 2
Every vehicle in the president's motorcade, explained 337 views March, 1
Steve Irwin's son is following in his father's footsteps 243 views February, 28
Judge makes an unusual deal with defendant 287 views February, 27
The genius intersections of the Netherlands 203 views February, 26
Guy "accidentally" plays embarrassing songs in public 292 views February, 25
This high-tech police shield was inspired by origami 233 views February, 24
What happens when you respond to spam emails 335 views February, 23
My Tribute To Grain Haulers 396 views February, 22
The first human who jumps down from a 25,000 foot height without using a parachute!! 389 views February, 21
Insane drone footage shows massive damage and flooding at California's Oroville Dam 262 views February, 19
Your JAW will drop when you watch this video! *THATS JUST CRAZY* 386 views February, 17
Always look both ways... Jan 28, 2017 302 views February, 16
Tornado broadcast interrupted by dog on lawnmower 317 views February, 15
Watch people react to a guy sitting in an invisible chair 291 views February, 14
When your parents won't allow you to marry... 311 views February, 13
Musician covers every part of "Africa" by Toto 214 views February, 12
How a toy inspired Stanford engineers to develop the world's cheapest centrifuge 254 views February, 11
Weaving through the city on a scooter looks absolutely terrifying 258 views February, 10
Why you should always put the heavy stuff up front 357 views February, 8
Weird facts about all 50 states 372 views February, 7
These billboards cough at anyone who's smoking 306 views February, 6
Futuristic minesweeper 218 views February, 5
Heroic man rushes to open gate for firefighters 277 views February, 4
Ball boy makes 3 half-court shots in a row 291 views February, 3
Dad and daughter sing "You've Got a Friend in Me" 277 views February, 2
Fish loves to be played with 278 views February, 1
Head in the Toilet Prank - Just For Laughs Gags 230 views January, 31
Just For Laugh-10 Funniest Pranks 337 views January, 31
The Most Beautiful Shots In Movie History 289 views January, 27
Cat knows what he wants 263 views January, 26
Formula One V6 turbo: 2014 Rules Explained 240 views January, 25
See how internal combustion works with this see-through engine 270 views January, 24
The greatest game of chess ever played 264 views January, 23
Get lost in these 3-D printed strobe light sculptures 227 views January, 22
These conveyor belts are mesmerizing 471 views January, 21
Skeet shooting in Canada 296 views January, 19
Basketball player accidentally passes to coach, who then makes the shot 409 views January, 19
Daughter records dad's cover of 395 views January, 18
Rejected Adidas ad goes viral 340 views January, 17
dogs vs intruder- Watch what happens 276 views January, 15
You can really feel the mascot's frustration in this local commercial 350 views January, 13
Amazing Wood Cutting Machines - Log Splitter 337 views January, 11
Men's Brains & Women's Brains 308 views January, 10
Dutch artist turns his dead cat into a helicopter 325 views January, 5
Former Navy SEAL commanders explain why they still wake up at 4:30 a.m. — and why you should, too 480 views January, 3
How to deal with phone scammers 402 views January, 2
Timelapse of a woodpecker creating a cavity 335 views January, 1
Model train on an endless loop 333 views December, 31
Lasers beat rust every time 341 views December, 30
MAN wishes all real Santas a very Merry Christmas 254 views December, 25
No matter how hard you try, this table saw can't hurt you 345 views December, 23
Guy explores NYC dressed as Buddy the Elf 297 views December, 22
Asian man sings country music on "Mongolia's Got Talent" 428 views December, 20
This electric cart gives humans the superhuman strength to pull an entire tractor trailer 455 views December, 16
This beer fills from the bottom 396 views December, 14
Load Judge 2570 views December, 10
Elon Musk unveils Solar Roof by SolarCity 310 views December, 8
"Don't tell mommy" 447 views December, 6
The scale of the Mississippi River in perspective 416 views November, 29
Why you should never block an exhaust pipe 463 views November, 28
Not what you expect to find in a nightstand drawer 323 views November, 27
High school student performs amazing tribute to Michael Jackson 342 views November, 26
This man's words will change your thoughts on homeless people 416 views November, 25
Singing at a stoplight 327 views November, 24
How drugs affect our perception of time 341 views November, 23
Iraqi soldier cries tears of joy as he reunites with his mother 329 views November, 22
A good ol' fashioned howling competition 332 views November, 21
The ocean is terrifyingly deep 319 views November, 20
truck making tight turn on residental street 535 views November, 19
Chinese trucker skill 448 views November, 18
Harvest Sweep 2336 views November, 17
This is thermoforming 357 views November, 16
Floating cloud hides a sound and lighting system 311 views November, 15
This guy engineered sand to hold the weight of a car 307 views November, 13
Children of Prisoners Reunite with their Fathers Behind Bars for a Day 330 views November, 12
This device cracks eggs perfectly every time 360 views November, 11
What happens when teachers encourage students to cheat 345 views November, 10
How to arrive late for work 413 views November, 9
Who needs physics? 350 views November, 8
The cheapest car in Mexico vs. the cheapest car in the U.S. 450 views November, 7
Car goes so fast that it literally flies 320 views November, 6
Multitasking at its finest 335 views November, 5
How to cut through rope with your bare hands 399 views November, 4
How can people be so mean? 392 views November, 3
This political ad is sure to bring a smile to your face 500 views November, 1
Foam raises concrete that weighs thousands of pounds 492 views October, 31
16-year-old makes a fortune selling sneakers to celebrities 304 views October, 30
Otto and Budweiser: First Shipment by Self-Driving Truck 371 views October, 29
These 2 riddles are almost identical, so why is one harder? 380 views October, 28
Couple breaks world record for most costume changes in 1 minute 353 views October, 27
Film studios use green screens for just about everything 331 views October, 26
Be careful what you wish for... 413 views October, 25
Looks aren't everything... just ask this model 460 views October, 24
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sing 394 views October, 22
MT-FAST Hopper Trailer Vibrator for Easy Unloading 1169 views October, 21
Judge stays in jail all night with the man he sentenced 428 views October, 20
Releasing hundreds of snakes into the wild 382 views October, 19
Man digs caverns underneath his suburban home 423 views October, 18
Transporting wind turbines doesn't look easy 420 views October, 17
Meet "Dug," the talking dog 9444 views October, 15
The incredible endless spring 350 views October, 14
This toilet means business 399 views October, 13
This cup punishes you for being greedy 396 views October, 11
Dramatic proposal at the baseball game 367 views October, 10
Words of wisdom for future generations 306 views October, 9
Mississippi Delta Crop Duster 441 views October, 8
Impressionist vs. professional drivers 455 views October, 7
Special needs student picks up her date for the dance 372 views October, 6
Man with Parkinson's demonstrates the relief he gets from medical marijuana 320 views October, 5
Impressive ping pong trick shots 368 views October, 4
Flying in a $21,000 first class airplane seat 437 views October, 3
What a polite cat 305 views October, 2
Yep, that's a real-life Transformer 373 views October, 1
Should we bring extinct animals back to life? 347 views September, 30
When your husband forgets to pack his lunch 464 views September, 29
A unique take on the meaning of life 406 views September, 28
Police Shootout - Deputy Kyle Dinkheller - Laurens County, GA 479 views September, 26
How you know you're driving through a speed trap 450 views September, 24
That spooky howl you hear coming from the woods is actually a loon 346 views September, 23