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HOPPERS (Colorado & Wyoming - Project - Lobo Logistics (3 Months Work guaranteed possible whole year if do well)

Jul 03, 2024 at 10:34 AM CST

Loading Facility:

Western Proppants 5027 Rd 37, Yoder, WY 82244



Twin Eagle Sand Logistics 16200 Co Rd 394, La Salle, CO 80645

Mileage: 135



Start Date: 7/12 sooner depending on equipment setup.

Non-Frac site operations, job will be a depot setup. Truck will load out of Yoder, Wy then proceed to the Twin Eagle terminal to offload into Werewolf system.

24/7 operations - Shifts will be Day Shift 5am-5pm & Night Shift 5pm-5am

Trucks will need to obtain Overweight Permit for Colorado. $500 / Year.

Only requirement for drivers: Must have PPE if getting out on either terminal location. (Hard Hat, FR clothing, reflective vest, & steel toe boots)

15-17 Trucks Needed. Drivers will be assigned two loads per shift. 



Duration of Program 3+ Months

1,000 + tons per day.


If interested, need the following info from you:

Will you need trailers? If provided triple axle, what is your estimated net weight based on the location?:


If you have trailers, what type & how many? What is the estimated net weight for the area listed?


Based on the area, trailer requirement, two loads / day, what is your estimated rate per mileage band?:

121-130 Miles

131-140 Miles

141-150 Miles