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Past Videos
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This face generated in Unreal Engine looks so real it's freaking us out. 0 views October, 24
Farmers market lies exposed: Hidden camera investigation. 100 views October, 23
Blood bank the morning after the Las Vegas shooting. 7 views October, 22
Afraid of heights? 49 views October, 21
Man vs. High-powered fan. 51 views October, 20
Dog is pretty good at the Moonwalk. 65 views October, 19
Vegas victim reunited with man who saved her. 67 views October, 18
Dog thinks the moon is a ball. 69 views October, 17
Father 3D prints functional bionic arm for his two-year-old son. 73 views October, 16
Fire in a bottle. 30 views October, 15
Why people in the Middle Ages walked differently than we do now. 94 views October, 14
Woman calls 911 to report domestic abuse, but pretends to order a pizza. 137 views October, 13
My parents haven't spoken to each other in over 10 years. 125 views October, 12
Motorized rideable luggage (that is also TSA compliant). 96 views October, 11
Father has a conversation with 16-year-old autistic son. 105 views October, 6
Waiter with a funny talent. 127 views October, 5
New Zealand anti-drunk driving ad with a sense of humor. 177 views October, 4
Two guys dress as MLB umpires and sit in the seats behind home plate. 166 views October, 3
Who's Tallest Canada. 83 views October, 2
Tribes from around the world react to a video of a polar bear. 49 views October, 1
Introducing the ZR5 Self-Propelled Baler | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment 111 views September, 30
A swarm of mosquitos completely taking over a car looks like something out of a horror film. 171 views September, 29
Most insane timelapse ever? 128 views September, 28
Granddad talking in fluent baby with baby. 124 views September, 27
Go ahead and grab it, it's only 2,200 degrees. 137 views September, 26
How to get a blimp pilot's attention... work up to it. 140 views September, 25
This little dog opening a sliding door is the most inspiring thing you'll see today. 59 views September, 24
The problem with smartphones. 110 views September, 23
Motorcyclist saves a guy from suicide by offering him a ride. 137 views September, 21
Intelligent speed bumps. 137 views September, 20
Carving a Dragon Priest mask out of walnut. 89 views September, 19
Guy takes a photo every day from 12-years-old to his wedding day. 116 views September, 18
Man punches a bear trap. 84 views September, 17
A chess prodigy explains how his mind works. 79 views September, 16
Dog hits perfect harmony with "I Will Always Love You". 125 views September, 15
This 30-day timelapse from a cargo ship is stunning. 183 views September, 14
A spider that lives entirely underwater, but still breaths air. 107 views September, 11
Dog is completely entranced by video of a bird. 68 views September, 10
Two wild lynx yowling at each other. 112 views September, 9
What do you have to say for yourself? 144 views September, 8
How to save a flooded car. 122 views September, 7
How to anchor a mega-ship. 176 views August, 31
A Corgi and chicken square off in the least brutal fight you'll ever see. 192 views August, 30
Why is toilet paper so confusing? 148 views August, 29
American Bulldog vs. The dangerous Chihuahua. 173 views August, 28
Adorable dog has been trained to advertise restaurant for its owner. 77 views August, 27
97 Year Old in a Tesla 133 views August, 26
Cowboy thwarts bike thief. 192 views August, 23
Fighter fixes opponent's dislocated shoulder. 167 views August, 22
Meet the men who rescue cats from super tall trees. 123 views August, 21
50 people dress up as Best Buy employees and get kicked out of Best Buy. 126 views August, 20
This archery trick shot is unbelievable. 197 views August, 19
Huge glacier calving. 149 views August, 18
P-51 "Voodoo" plane at nearly 500 mph. 178 views August, 17
The only non-human animal to ever ask an existential question. 172 views August, 16
Here are the most painful things a human can experience. 232 views August, 15
These RC helicopter tricks are some dark magic. 186 views August, 14
A whole flock of snow geese taking flight really takes your breath away. 117 views August, 13
Guy narrates footage of garbage men failing to dispose of his broken garbage can. 228 views August, 12
Other people make mistakes... slow down. 200 views August, 11
Service pit bull training to protect owner's head when she has a seizure. 180 views August, 10
Don't talk to the police. 223 views August, 9
A tablet that folds to the size of a phone. 155 views August, 7
Boy thinks dad forgot his birthday, gets major surprise. 137 views August, 6
Rare footage captures huge humpback whale jumping completely out of the water. 131 views August, 6
The Life of Death. 170 views August, 5
Massive military plane takes off and goes straight up. 264 views August, 4
Guy nervously narrates his encounter with a grizzly and her cubs. 191 views August, 3
Surfer girl with no filter speaks honestly about her father's weight. 433 views August, 2
This kid tried to quit band... teacher had other plans. 202 views August, 1
We did not know a 17-ton front loader could do this. 298 views July, 31
What happens when a wild wolf approaches a pet dog. 142 views July, 30
This guy's run out in pool is one of the coolest things we've seen in a while. 394 views July, 29
Free metal. 139 views July, 28
Here's a bush full of kittens playing peekaboo. 170 views July, 27
Uber driver shows how much he really makes. 229 views July, 26
Wife tells husband she is donating her kidney to him through a baseball card. 195 views July, 25
Laziest way to learn to juggle. 142 views July, 24
Gymnast somehow does 34 consecutive one-handed backflips. 136 views July, 23
See a sea turtle devour a jellyfish like spaghetti. 141 views July, 22
Giant wind propelled sculptures. 152 views July, 21
Sportscaster debates himself. 186 views July, 20
We have no idea how this train is staying on these tracks. 328 views July, 19
One of the most impressive throws ever seen in baseball. 173 views July, 16
Snake bites Steve Irwin on the neck, he stays calm and even apologizes to the TV show host. 229 views July, 15
Here's why the American flag is reversed on military uniforms. 249 views July, 14
Baby can't contain her excitement when she sees a cat. 187 views July, 13
Shaq is the only one tall enough to put on Yao Ming's jacket. 232 views July, 12
Brilliant motorcycle garage door opener. 241 views July, 11
How Shaq spent $1 million in one day. 252 views July, 9
SHOCKING VIDEO Insane moment road rage driver sends truck off a BRIDGE 418 views July, 8
Japanese robot sumo moves incredibly fast. 223 views July, 7
Dennis Quaid is here. 223 views July, 6
This man's solution to not having goggles under water is blowing our minds. 269 views July, 4
Grit: the power of passion and perseverance. 201 views July, 3
Cop shows one of the worst scenes he's ever seen. 234 views July, 2
CNN weatherman Chad Myers hates his job. 227 views July, 1
Saxophone player melts faces after Iron Maiden concert. 256 views June, 30
The type of police body camera footage we all can enjoy. 261 views June, 29
Here's how you can start a fire using a sandwich bag filled with water. 217 views June, 25
This extremely low-level flying is making us nervous. 266 views June, 24
What cannon balls flying by sounds like. 259 views June, 23
Man rides drone like a hoverboard at Portuguese cup final match. 265 views June, 22
Watch this dog play with his fox friend. 262 views June, 21
Why roller coaster loops aren't circular. 236 views June, 20
This close-up magic trick is blowing our minds. 336 views June, 19
Mexican Red Knee Tarantula crawling out of its exoskeleton. 185 views June, 18
Elephant puts a branch on its face to look like a rhino. 230 views June, 17
Police officer goes undercover as a man in a wheelchair. 295 views June, 16
Check out this closeup of how lock picking works. 228 views June, 15
Deaf singer on "America's Got Talent" wins golden buzzer by Simon Cowell. 271 views June, 14
Rooster can't do a proper cock-a-doodle-doo. 256 views June, 13
GoPro onboard weather balloon captures Airbus flyby at 38,000 ft. 267 views June, 12
It's cheating if you don't have bones in your body. 275 views June, 9
How 3D printing is revolutionizing stop motion animation. 259 views June, 8
Tired bird needs a rest. 299 views June, 7
Squirrel fills antenna with acorns. 283 views June, 6
Why do Americans smile so much? 261 views June, 5
Why a day is longer than a year on Venus. 203 views June, 4
13 Pound Bullfrog 277 views June, 3
Ice cream with a chance of rain. 287 views June, 2
Dash Cam of the Week: It's all downhill from here 467 views May, 31
Der X350 Transformer 306 views May, 30
A diver is doing a river dive when a freighter suddenly appears over his head. 382 views May, 29
How to escape the cops. 255 views May, 28
The lightning speed with which police deploy a spike strip. 357 views May, 27
Mountain biker narrowly avoids charging bear. 323 views May, 26
Man jogs upside down to attract wild emus. 306 views May, 25
Diving into 1,000 mousetraps in slow motion. 316 views May, 24
Guy makes good money farming in other people's yards. 328 views May, 23
The Navy SEAL key to overcoming mental barriers. 311 views May, 22
This Is What Happens When You Put Yourself In A Trucker's Blind Spot 277 views May, 21
Truck Avoids Head on Crash 332 views May, 20
Overweight truck burns up his brakes coming down mountain 435 views May, 19
All you can carry for $59.99 sale at U-Pull-&-Pay Denver. 699 views May, 18
Guy tries to sell his '96 Suzuki Vitara. 303 views May, 17
When your kid loves firetrucks and sees one right outside. 232 views May, 16
Police officer saves autistic boy from drowning in pond. 288 views May, 16
Weather girl casually drops Star Wars puns. 318 views May, 15
The poor man's selfie drone. 269 views May, 14
Millennial home buyer. 294 views May, 13
Young fan gives decoy ball to pretty girl in the crowd. 340 views May, 12
Trumpet players warming up is a beautiful sound. 300 views May, 11
Animated map reveals 550,000 miles of undersea cables. 326 views May, 10
Man learns not to mess with the Asiatic Lion. 317 views May, 9
Mom brought to tears when wild bird comforts her while visiting son's grave. 334 views May, 8
Ladder safety tips that could save your life. 250 views May, 7
Johnny Depp crashed Disneyland's Pirates of The Caribbean ride in character. 278 views May, 6
If you've ever wondered just how big a Kodiak bear is... 346 views May, 5
The tallest dive coaster in the world. 347 views May, 4
Snake targets motorcyclist. 385 views May, 3
Bowling a perfect game in only 90 seconds (new world record). 336 views May, 2
A well-trained dog. 309 views May, 1
If you've ever wondered just how big a Kodiak bear is... 340 views April, 29
The boy who can't forget. 349 views April, 28
Singer proves he's not lip-syncing while performing live. 325 views April, 27
Fibonacci spiral shaving. 315 views April, 26
Japanese coffee vending machine shows its working process live on an LCD screen. 292 views April, 24
Senior prank done right. 326 views April, 23
What happens when you add water to compressed soil. 380 views April, 22
Star Wars duel at the fencing world championship. 285 views April, 21
Semi truck flips over outside of Nashville 479 views April, 20
The truth about sugar. 358 views April, 19
The man who swims with crocodiles. 337 views April, 18
How to sound smarter without actually being smarter. 336 views April, 17
MOAB - Mother of All Bombs GBU-43/B 396 views April, 16
These automated, package-sorting robots are totally mesmerizing. 327 views April, 15
That's one way to ride a merry-go-round... 329 views April, 14
Hidden Cam: Diamond markups exposed at Tiffany, Cartier, and others. 393 views April, 11
Trucker makes epic anti-texting and driving rant. 363 views April, 10
Self-starting siphon. 344 views April, 8
Inspirational video to increase your confidence. 335 views April, 7
Guy builds a kiln and pottery from scratch. 368 views April, 6
Eye-tracking glasses show what a professional pianist sees while playing. 453 views April, 5
Are GMOs good or bad? 352 views April, 4
Watching this dovetail joint slide into place is so satisfying. 353 views April, 3
That awkward moment when Hugh Jackman used to be your teacher. 329 views April, 2
Performing classical music with two handguns. 358 views April, 1
Cute cat shows off incredible skills with cup-and-ball game 347 views March, 31
How to Tell if a Guy Likes You vs How to Tell if a Girl Likes Yo 517 views March, 30
Test your awareness. 342 views March, 29
These wolves are in a hurry. 412 views March, 28
Brave golfer handles a gator on the course 419 views March, 27
The most unsatisfying video ever created. 426 views March, 26
Get up-close and personal with a nuclear reactor. 343 views March, 25
Sesame Street mashed up with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony is pretty wonderful 380 views March, 24
Burglars caught in the act 417 views March, 22
China Dash Cam: Truck Loses Its Cargo and smothers a car in bricks 1728 views March, 21
Tilapia skin might be a better alternative to bandages for burn victims 355 views March, 20
Cop handles vicious dogs like a pro 377 views March, 19
Nature videographer gives rhino a belly rub 358 views March, 18
Atlanta news team pays tribute to Notorious B.I.G. 384 views March, 17
5-year-old finds out he's getting a new heart 388 views March, 16
This video is not in reverse 574 views March, 15
Jack Russell Terrier runs wild at the dog show 515 views March, 14
NHP trooper gets sprayed with beer during traffic stop 572 views March, 13
Trucking is not what is use to be -Trucker Steve 465 views March, 12
This plane lands so low it almost touches the beach 489 views March, 11
We don't know why this motorcycle swing exists, but we're not complaining 499 views March, 10
Magician hiding in plain sight 449 views March, 9