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Past Videos
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Why alien life would be our doom. 14 views February, 20
BASE jumper flies along the side of a cliff. 8 views February, 19
The blue marble. 26 views February, 18
Are crows the ultimate animal problem solvers? 49 views February, 17
Mason worker is so good at his job that he doesn't even need scaffolding. 100 views February, 16
This goat and coyote are best friends. 61 views February, 15
A waterfall swing set that somehow always stays dry. 98 views February, 14
Drowning puppy can't contain its happiness after being rescued. 72 views February, 13
The most fearless Winter Olympian in history: Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards. 35 views February, 12
Anchorwoman embarrasses her male co-anchor in the One Chip Challenge. 49 views February, 11
This racing truck's suspension is unreal. 81 views February, 9
These cops will pull you over for literally anything. 150 views February, 8
Feeding and playing with a friendly platypus. 63 views February, 7
The real cost of making it to the Olympics. 53 views February, 6
Pop culture typography. 32 views February, 5
This 60 FPS footage of a drone racing down mountains will give you vertigo. 96 views February, 4
Simple solution to a difficult problem. 76 views February, 3
New Super Bowl ad featuring a rap battle between Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman. 43 views February, 2
Surfer catches a terrifyingly huge wave. 78 views February, 1
An example of how great German Shepherds are at determining what is and isn't a threat. 116 views January, 31
Watch this absolute maniac put his hand in molten metal. 108 views January, 30
Cross country snowboarding. 61 views January, 29
Was Jet Li's gun disassembly move in "Lethal Weapon 4" possible? 72 views January, 28
Trucker makes impressive save after being hit by pickup 131 views January, 27
Online Teaming Is THE WORST! Don't Let Bad Team Matching Happen To You! 101 views January, 26
Midnight Encounters: The owl and the fox. 86 views January, 25
Artist draws a face in one continuous line. 75 views January, 24
This real-time green screen compositing setup is seriously cool. 85 views January, 23
Man raps about giving his cat a bath while giving his cat a bath. 55 views January, 22
Did you know aircraft carriers could go this fast and turn this sharply? 113 views January, 21
Dummy hypnotizes ventriloquist. 85 views January, 20
Ross Geller turns into a total psychopath when the laugh track is removed from "Friends". 54 views January, 20
The whole ocean is frozen in Cape Cod. 101 views January, 19
Father/son viral sensation appear in a German commercial. 103 views January, 18
This is how ridiculously cold it is right now. 136 views January, 17
Intricate marble run synced to Tchaikovsky. 77 views January, 16
Guy gets $50 dollar ticket which he can't afford. 103 views January, 15
We commend the ingenuity of whoever handmade this Lamborghini. 80 views January, 14
Jitterpug. 70 views January, 13
Humpback whale shows appreciation after being freed from nets. 126 views January, 11
Labradoodle sees herself in the mirror and just cannot deal. 115 views January, 10
Guy hikes 3,100 mile Continental Divide Trail from Mexico to Canada and films one second each. 116 views January, 9
Michael Jackson dance impersonation. 73 views January, 8
Christmas Truce of 1914, World War I. 100 views January, 1
Classic "Whose Line" moment: Two old ladies hilariously misunderstand the game. 154 views December, 31
Sheep being herded through a narrow gate. 129 views December, 30
Guy shows off a seriously cool hidden compartment table. 134 views December, 29
Break down styrofoam in days instead of hundreds of years. 129 views December, 28
How It's Made: Rubber bands. 97 views December, 27
Man walks into Goodwill store and starts playing the piano. 127 views December, 26
Meet the dog protecting planes from bird strikes. 84 views December, 25
This Corgi puppy playing in deep snow will definitely make your day better. 108 views December, 24
This student's three-minute video about relativity won her $400K worth of scholarships. 103 views December, 23
Feeling stressed? Watch this labrador father teach his puppies to swim. 129 views December, 22
This is what "Jeopardy" host Alex Trebek is really like. 104 views December, 21
An app that projects a lightsaber out of a piece of rolled-up printer paper. 97 views December, 19
How small a hole can a mouse get through? 115 views December, 18
This guitar orchestra cover of "The Imperial March" from "Star Wars" is impressive. 88 views December, 17
This scarf saleswoman deserves a raise. 173 views December, 14
You'd never guess these paintings were done in Microsoft Excel. 104 views December, 13
1,000W LED drone. 109 views December, 12
Guy gets tired of package thief taking his stuff, rigs a special surprise for him. 141 views December, 11
When you are a master at the recorder. 116 views December, 10
Do not, under any circumstances, microwave a hard-boiled egg. 169 views December, 9
Duck eats peas really fast. 92 views December, 8
A human-robot dance duet. 121 views December, 7
Amazon vs. Reality. 116 views December, 6
Don't sleep at classical concerts. 143 views December, 5
Liquid sand hot tub. 107 views December, 4
You'll feel breathless just listening to the world's fastest talker. 109 views December, 3
Airplane slide. 140 views December, 2
Huge whale jumps inches from a whale watcher. 154 views December, 1
The happiest day of this mom's life. 136 views November, 30
House of cards. 118 views November, 29
Kid throws full court shot thinking there are three seconds left when there are actually 30 195 views November, 28
Bride given away by man who received her dad's heart 86 views November, 27
Stand up comedian on why you shouldn't fly Spirit Airlines. 134 views November, 26
The biggest propeller plane in the world really is a thing to behold. 328 views November, 25
Rifle inspection level: Expert. 189 views November, 24
Review of a $1,000/year subscription-based water cooler. 108 views November, 23
Advertisement Advertisement Monkey buys juice from a vending machine and drinks it. 125 views November, 22
"This food smells like the Devil tooted, lit it on fire, whispered a curse into it, and sent it here on this plate". 203 views November, 21
Nut gatherer. 120 views November, 20
Firefighter administers CPR while descending ladder. 98 views November, 19
Plane hits crazy winds, aborts landing at last possible second. 174 views November, 18
How an archer's body transforms. 145 views November, 17
The world's largest model airport is incredible. 155 views November, 16
Dog reunites with owner after three years, realizes who he is, loses its mind. 237 views November, 15
35-year-old who lives in 1946. 195 views November, 14
CarMax responds to the ad the guy made for his girlfriend’s ’96 Accord... offers $20K. 251 views November, 13
How it feels to drive the only car that's ever broken the speed of sound. 121 views November, 12
Follow a kayaker into the hull of an abandoned ship. 145 views November, 11
Woman befriends the man who shot her when he was 13. 163 views November, 10
Ever heard a mountain lion's scream? 207 views November, 9
This is one clever dog. 212 views November, 8
Magical view from the cockpit of a plane flying into New Zealand. 227 views November, 7
Shanghai's newest building is constantly moving. 169 views November, 6
Logging truck crossing bridge like a boss. 168 views November, 5
Baby belly laughs at dad who keeps dropping her snack. 189 views November, 4
BULL HAULER LEFT LANE FALL RUN 2017. 334 views November, 3
What happens when an Irish flight gets delayed. 190 views November, 2
What to do if your parachute fails. 184 views November, 1
A very persistent cat. 172 views October, 31
451 mph RC jet. 168 views October, 30
Precision shooter. 174 views October, 29
Raven creepily says "Nevermore". 141 views October, 28
Watching a double domino effect with bricks is incredibly satisfying. 237 views October, 27
100 speed bumps on a highway animation. 229 views October, 26
This is officially the smoothest way to get a girl's attention at the beach. 300 views October, 25
This face generated in Unreal Engine looks so real it's freaking us out. 240 views October, 24
Farmers market lies exposed: Hidden camera investigation. 301 views October, 23
Blood bank the morning after the Las Vegas shooting. 141 views October, 22
Afraid of heights? 217 views October, 21
Man vs. High-powered fan. 178 views October, 20
Dog is pretty good at the Moonwalk. 203 views October, 19
Vegas victim reunited with man who saved her. 190 views October, 18
Dog thinks the moon is a ball. 201 views October, 17
Father 3D prints functional bionic arm for his two-year-old son. 191 views October, 16
Fire in a bottle. 136 views October, 15
Why people in the Middle Ages walked differently than we do now. 231 views October, 14
Woman calls 911 to report domestic abuse, but pretends to order a pizza. 275 views October, 13
My parents haven't spoken to each other in over 10 years. 263 views October, 12
Motorized rideable luggage (that is also TSA compliant). 215 views October, 11
Father has a conversation with 16-year-old autistic son. 233 views October, 6
Waiter with a funny talent. 279 views October, 5
New Zealand anti-drunk driving ad with a sense of humor. 295 views October, 4
Two guys dress as MLB umpires and sit in the seats behind home plate. 287 views October, 3
Who's Tallest Canada. 212 views October, 2
Tribes from around the world react to a video of a polar bear. 158 views October, 1
Introducing the ZR5 Self-Propelled Baler | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment 260 views September, 30
A swarm of mosquitos completely taking over a car looks like something out of a horror film. 293 views September, 29
Most insane timelapse ever? 274 views September, 28
Granddad talking in fluent baby with baby. 247 views September, 27
Go ahead and grab it, it's only 2,200 degrees. 264 views September, 26
How to get a blimp pilot's attention... work up to it. 266 views September, 25
This little dog opening a sliding door is the most inspiring thing you'll see today. 180 views September, 24
The problem with smartphones. 243 views September, 23
Motorcyclist saves a guy from suicide by offering him a ride. 259 views September, 21
Intelligent speed bumps. 257 views September, 20
Carving a Dragon Priest mask out of walnut. 206 views September, 19
Guy takes a photo every day from 12-years-old to his wedding day. 244 views September, 18
Man punches a bear trap. 216 views September, 17
A chess prodigy explains how his mind works. 212 views September, 16
Dog hits perfect harmony with "I Will Always Love You". 264 views September, 15
This 30-day timelapse from a cargo ship is stunning. 350 views September, 14
A spider that lives entirely underwater, but still breaths air. 227 views September, 11
Dog is completely entranced by video of a bird. 246 views September, 10
Two wild lynx yowling at each other. 242 views September, 9
What do you have to say for yourself? 296 views September, 8
How to save a flooded car. 267 views September, 7
How to anchor a mega-ship. 334 views August, 31
A Corgi and chicken square off in the least brutal fight you'll ever see. 310 views August, 30
Why is toilet paper so confusing? 296 views August, 29
American Bulldog vs. The dangerous Chihuahua. 338 views August, 28
Adorable dog has been trained to advertise restaurant for its owner. 218 views August, 27
97 Year Old in a Tesla 254 views August, 26
Cowboy thwarts bike thief. 352 views August, 23
Fighter fixes opponent's dislocated shoulder. 328 views August, 22
Meet the men who rescue cats from super tall trees. 269 views August, 21
50 people dress up as Best Buy employees and get kicked out of Best Buy. 273 views August, 20
This archery trick shot is unbelievable. 359 views August, 19
Huge glacier calving. 291 views August, 18
P-51 "Voodoo" plane at nearly 500 mph. 320 views August, 17
The only non-human animal to ever ask an existential question. 300 views August, 16
Here are the most painful things a human can experience. 396 views August, 15
These RC helicopter tricks are some dark magic. 327 views August, 14
A whole flock of snow geese taking flight really takes your breath away. 259 views August, 13
Guy narrates footage of garbage men failing to dispose of his broken garbage can. 397 views August, 12
Other people make mistakes... slow down. 346 views August, 11
Service pit bull training to protect owner's head when she has a seizure. 325 views August, 10
Don't talk to the police. 378 views August, 9
A tablet that folds to the size of a phone. 291 views August, 7
Boy thinks dad forgot his birthday, gets major surprise. 277 views August, 6
Rare footage captures huge humpback whale jumping completely out of the water. 275 views August, 6
The Life of Death. 344 views August, 5
Massive military plane takes off and goes straight up. 423 views August, 4
Guy nervously narrates his encounter with a grizzly and her cubs. 372 views August, 3
Surfer girl with no filter speaks honestly about her father's weight. 605 views August, 2
This kid tried to quit band... teacher had other plans. 338 views August, 1
We did not know a 17-ton front loader could do this. 454 views July, 31
What happens when a wild wolf approaches a pet dog. 284 views July, 30
This guy's run out in pool is one of the coolest things we've seen in a while. 522 views July, 29
Free metal. 297 views July, 28
Here's a bush full of kittens playing peekaboo. 295 views July, 27
Uber driver shows how much he really makes. 391 views July, 26
Wife tells husband she is donating her kidney to him through a baseball card. 330 views July, 25
Laziest way to learn to juggle. 279 views July, 24
Gymnast somehow does 34 consecutive one-handed backflips. 274 views July, 23
See a sea turtle devour a jellyfish like spaghetti. 270 views July, 22
Giant wind propelled sculptures. 335 views July, 21
Sportscaster debates himself. 338 views July, 20
We have no idea how this train is staying on these tracks. 475 views July, 19
One of the most impressive throws ever seen in baseball. 344 views July, 16
Snake bites Steve Irwin on the neck, he stays calm and even apologizes to the TV show host. 372 views July, 15
Here's why the American flag is reversed on military uniforms. 397 views July, 14
Baby can't contain her excitement when she sees a cat. 304 views July, 13
Shaq is the only one tall enough to put on Yao Ming's jacket. 379 views July, 12
Brilliant motorcycle garage door opener. 370 views July, 11
How Shaq spent $1 million in one day. 411 views July, 9
SHOCKING VIDEO Insane moment road rage driver sends truck off a BRIDGE 554 views July, 8