Hoppers, End Dumps and Belts NEEDED - Rate Increase MO - NE

Dec 12, 2018 at 09:49 AM CST

We now have a new rate for hauling shale from Fulton or Kingdom City, MO going to Louisville, NE. This new rate will be consistent until June 1, 2019. We need as many trucks dedicated to this project as we can possibly get. Please spread the word and let us know if you can help! We need both hoppers and end dumps.

Those of you with end dumps – We have found a possible back haul. Please email me for specific details.

Weather – As most of you know, weather can be an issue when hauling shale with a hopper. I have included below the weather forecast for this week in both Fulton and Louisville. As you can see we are above freezing all week!!!

Fulton Weather this week

Louisville Weather this week

Monday – 40°

Monday – 34°

Tuesday – 50°

Tuesday – 39°

Wednesday – 46°

Wednesday – 38°

Thursday – 48°

Thursday – 37°

Friday – 43°

Friday – 37°

Please call with any questions you may have! We are always available to help.

Have a blessed week,

Shannen White, COO

DaCapo Transportation, LLC.

(417) 334-1577