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Looking for Information for upcoming projects.

Jul 15, 2016 at 10:58 AM CST
This is Russ O'Quinn again from Port City Logistics in Savannah, GA. This time I am going to attempt to get the message out in a different fashion. We are currently working on two projects. 1st Project is hauling Bio Mass materials from several spots in and around Atlanta to Jackson, GA. We will require open top trailers, could use belts or walkers as well. This project will not hit hot and heavy until the summer of 2017 but is looking to be in the neighborhood of 70 loads per day. We are committing to the finish product side which is 50 Loads per day but have been asked to see if we can source the Raw Material side. At this point I am looking for information on what capacities MIGHT look like. If your crystal ball is like mine I can only see what has happened and not what will happen. If anyone has an idea of the best way to price this type of project would love to listen. Is it by mile or by ton? Second project is attempting again to get ahead of the cotton seed market again. Looks as though the hot spots will again be Georgia to the Port of Savannah and SC, NC to the rail yards in Charlotte. Without putting out stretching it out using belts drive and walkers what is the best price to make sure you the carrier is making money and we can secure the business? We don't need to make a great deal but am again attempting to be pro-active and get information to take to my customers. If you wish to email me direct feel free to email me direct at [email protected]rtcitylogistics.com. Ladies and gentlemen we will handle this much more efficient than last year. Thanks to you all for your service.