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Looking for more owner operators in Canada that need back hauls

Apr 17, 2017 at 04:55 PM CST
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Hello my name is Ryan. I am co-owner of a Auto Transport brokerage that operates only in Canada.

Currently our office keeps 15 trucks steadily busy on weekly basis. This includes a seven car hauler, a 5 car hauler, 10 car stinger, and several more smaller trucks and trailers.

At this time we are looking for another one or two dependable owner operators. You must have your own truck, trailer, insurance, and a ramp to load and unload vehicles. We need drivers that are already shipping/traveling frequently, and woud like to fill some empty back haul space. All of our customers will be flexible in regards to shipping time, so that you can build profitble loads. When a customer books, we tell them 2-4 weeks for shipping, buying you plenty of time. We do not gaurntee shigpping time to our customers.

What is the juicy part of this whole thing? WE PAY AT DELIVERY...NO WAITING..NO GAMES,,CASH or EMAIL TRANSFER

Our company can supply you with professional references(owner operators like you) that have shipped over 100 cars for us in the last 3 months.

What routes are we looking for right now?

Toronto to Halifax and back(including NB and NL)
Quebec City, Montreal to Edmonton/Calgary/Vancouver and back
Toronto area to Newfoundland and back
We get car shipping orders Everywhere in Canada. If you do not see your route listed above no worries. Contact me asap and let me know what you do, and where you do it.

You can have a multi car hauler, flat/step deck, enclosed trailer etc. Must carry your own insurance and must have ramp for loading/unloading

I hope to hear from some good people today. Please mention this ad so I know what works on the net

Replied on Sat, Apr 29, 2017 at 01:47 PM CST
SO.... Whats a backhaul,, just another way of brokers and big business keeping rates down,,, no such thing as a backhaul..if a product needs shipping then it is being hauled for profit not for rates that barely pay for fuel just to get a guy home,,,,, im not saying you pay low rates or that you are a bad guy,, im just wishing people wouldnt look at this business as backhauls,, it is freight going in one direction or another ,,,