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Looking for small fleets or owner operators in Oil Fields

Aug 03, 2017 at 11:35 AM CST
I am a sand supplier in many regions of the US. To fulfill a long term 10yr contract we signed about 3 years ago, we invested capital in warehousing and distribution points. Unfortunately, our end clients have switched to other products, because the market dictated so. However, our relationships have remained strong and our clients realize our good efforts and investments. We have worked to find solutions together. In this, we have been given the opportunity to supply logistics in these areas (ND, TX, WY) focusing on well head delivery, heavy haul, and other areas.

In this strategy with our customers, we have recently setup a brokerage and will operate as such, with a focus on oilfield services and leveraging our contracts/relationships. It is my goal to put together teams of drivers for 1)south and west texas, 2) North Dakota, and 3)Wyoming

We have warehouses, living quarters/housing, and have a dispatch staff. We are evaulating turning some of our warehouse space into bays to change tires and work on the trucks. Our relationships are strong with our clients, and we do so by keeping our promises and paying on time to our supplies. If you or your company has interest in working with us, please contact me:

Craig Marcum
281 732 1999