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Why all the Deception?

Jun 25, 2018 at 06:23 PM CST
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Why do the clowns post loads that arent there? Lets say you see a load from Columbus Ohio, to Joliet Illinois, you call about the load, Oh, It picks up 30 or 40 moles away, then delivers 30 or 40 miles from Joliet. what these cream puffs do all day, is rib each other, we've all seen this. Brokers robbing each other to make a little more, at our expense. why not be honest? When we plan a load, and run the miles, then get lied to about Its true pickup location, and true destination, Its Bullshit. Dont they know we know who has what, and where? We aren't as dumb as they think.
Replied on Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 08:54 PM CST
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Exactly, so unnecessary ....then try to understand why there is a load posted, that's not even available, then there's Western grain trading international that just posted a load from Baltimore, MD to Spring lake, Tx...1690 miles, organic soybeans for $105 ton....who is doing this? Exposure is hopefully a cure or at least a step in the RIGHT direction!
Replied on Fri, Jun 29, 2018 at 02:31 AM CST
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No kidding my light truck has saved my avreage mileage rate more than once. usually I ask exactly where and calculate my rate if I'm not getting 2.40 minimum per mile including dead head I'm not putting it in the truck
Replied on Mon, Jul 02, 2018 at 08:23 AM CST
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There are multiple reasons this happens. One reason is just like you said a broker trying to step on something they shouldn't be.

Another reason is to protect the shippers lane. What I mean by this is lets say a shipper puts a lane together and has sold the product high enough for him to make a profit and have a good enough rate for the TRUCK to make a good profit. If the exact lane is posted it wouldn't take long for another company to figure out what is going on and try to under bid the original deal. Once this happens the first thing to take a hit is the freight rate.
Replied on Tue, Jul 03, 2018 at 03:30 AM CST
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The reason is simple.. Its because the loads are posted by other brokers and so the multiple brokers dont want the same load posted 20 times. They list it as picking and dropping within 20 to 30 miles of the original pick and drop.

Example would be.. Owens Corning lets 15 diffrent brokerage companys try to move the loads within the same lane. SO to cover themselves, the brokers all post the loads a few miles to the left or right of the original pick up. Making them look like its their only load with the company when in relaity the load is posted by multiple companys with diffrent rates.
Replied on Tue, Jul 03, 2018 at 03:25 PM CST
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is still a bunch of bs this used to be very common with vans and reefers.. however how the hell are u supposed to figure a rate when the brokers can't even get it right case in point just called about 5 different loads all supposed to be going to South bend in.. one coming from.portland one coming from Pasco another from.moses lake wa and another from wenatchee now wth are we supposed to do broker won't pay more money for extra deadhead miles I ain't bounceing for free when the rate isn't that good to begin with.. and brokers expect good service but can't even be truthful themselves no wonder we all have a list of brokers we don't deal with
Replied on Tue, Jul 03, 2018 at 03:43 PM CST
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and one other thing .....if ur doing that good of job u don't have to worry about your customers going else where because cheaper isn't better
Replied on Fri, Jul 06, 2018 at 04:06 PM CST
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It also makes the load boad look good for BulkLoads. It will say there is 1100 loads within 100 miles but when you whittle down the same load is posted 4 different ways by each broker and there are 5 different brokers doing that in reality there's @ 100 loads avail.