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Are You Ready for the Future of Trucking?

Apr 01, 2019 at 09:06 AM CST
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The entire transportation industry is undergoing a significant transformation. From self-driving vehicles, autonomous fleets and electric trucks, to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the gig economy—the future of trucking faces some big changes. Though, change doesn’t have to be intimidating.Here are four strategies to prepare for the future of trucking and capitalize on the opportunities it presents:1. Reassure the workforce that their jobs are safe: New transportation technology continues to build on advances in automation, efficiency and productivity. While good for business, employees who don’t know what this means might feel concerned that self-driving vehicles or AI could put them out of a job. Managers can assure drivers that’s not what the future holds. Rather, the future of trucking means even greater demand for drivers and employees who are comfortable embracing AI in the workplace, who have technical skillsets or who are willing to adapt and fill new types of roles.