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Costs of grain by barge

Oct 17, 2016 at 10:19 AM CST
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In an Idaho Statesman Op-Ed column Joe Anderson of Genesee writes he "prefers" shipping his wheat by barge. Does Joe understand who pays most of the costs so he can exercise this preference? Taxpayers paid the Army Corps' $17 million in sediment management planning costs and more than $10 million for the latest dredging through the Snake/Clearwater confluence to the Port of Lewiston. Taxpayers pay $8 million to $13 million each year to operate the locks on the Snake River. Taxpayers paid for major lock repairs at multiple dams in 2010-11. Taxpayers paid for extensive repairs to Little Goose lock in 2014. Taxpayers will pay for major lock repairs on eight dams during the 15-week river closure beginning December 2016.