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Don't Let Freight Payments Hold you Back this Season

Dec 17, 2018 at 09:05 AM CST

Are you frustrated with the unknown of when you're getting paid or when the check is coming in? Well look no further. Smart Freight Funding offers factoring services to carriers & brokers with next day direct payments to help alleviate their capital constraints on turnaround for invoiced payments. Smart Freight’s biggest advantage over the competition is the fact that we do not require a long-term factoring service contract. You can choose to do a portion of your loads, or all of them! With over 3,000 carriers and businesses signed up to-date. We factor more than 1,400 loads per week and growing! Signing up is quick and easy with our knowledgeable onboarding staff and we would love to have you come aboard.

Who We Are:

Smart Freight Funding is an Omaha based factoring and invoicing service provider for freight companies and other third-party services nationwide. Smart Freight offers quick and easy real time payment solutions to freight carriers across the U.S. with next day payments on all loads hauled. Our experienced operations team has more than 50 years of driving, dispatching, contracting and accounting experience in the freight industry. By understanding our carriers and their day-to-day operational needs. Smart Freight saw an opportunity to provide more timely and efficient services to the backbone of our nations means of bulk transportation