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Down Under Trucking: U.S. invaded by the electric Aussies; LNG trucking underway in WA; Aussie roads awash with pig manure

Apr 22, 2019 at 07:10 AM CST

U.S. diesel-heads beware! There’s an invasion of electric Aussies on the way! SEA Electric, a Melbourne, Victoria-based electric heavy truck specialist, has just declared that it has had a favorable response, with multiple orders, to its March 2019 U.S. launch at the Work Truck Show in Indiana. And so Aussie-electrified heavy trucks may be coming to a city near you… provided you live or work in Detroit, New York City, Philadelphia or San Francisco. SEA electric retrofits third-party-supplied commercial glider vehicles. A “glider” is a chassis and cab assembly that is typically provided without an engine, transmission and drive shaft. SEA installs its own power-train into the glider. The company offers five drive trains that can be adapted to a range of light commercial vehicles, buses and trucks. The batteries are mid-mounted for balance and side-impact protection.