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Father knows best: Son follows dad’s footsteps right into the driver’s seat

Jun 12, 2020 at 08:36 AM CST

“He knew the lifestyle,” Tetreault said. “He said to me, ‘You know, you’re out here dealing with a lot. It can be stressful at times.’ But in the end, he was proud and happy that I became a truck driver. “He was probably my biggest help when I got out on my own. I was calling him more than I was my actual trainer at my first company,” Tetreault continued. “I would call him and say, ‘They have me going to this place. This is the route I’m looking at. Do you think this is okay?’ And he’d say, ‘No, no, no. You need to go this way and you can stop at so-and-so truck stop.’ He was a major help when I first got into trucking.”