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FedEx truck drivers based in Gardena threaten to strike through the holidays

Nov 10, 2015 at 11:13 AM CST

About 80 Gardena-based FedEx Freight drivers refused to work Monday in the first strike against the company, protesting alleged illegal union-busting activities that prompted an unfair labor practices action.

More worker resistance is planned at facilities nationwide as the holiday shopping season approaches, strikers said, and Teamsters Joint Council 42 is supporting the actions. Off-duty workers and Teamsters are expected to hand out informational union fliers at many facilities Tuesday. .

The Gardena freight facility is the company’s primary hub for the South Bay and a major regional shipping center. Workers, complaining about their pension and benefits packages, say they want a voice at the bargaining table, but their managers won’t let them organize.

“The workers have been trying to unionize across the country for quite some time,” Randy Korgan, a Teamsters organizer, said in a written statement. “FedEx has done everything under the books to oppose workers’ right to organize. In some areas, workers have won union elections but the company has refused to bargain.”