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Grain elevator waiting for developer

Mar 31, 2016 at 09:16 AM CST
By Anthony Hahn


Controversy surrounding the Lafayette grain elevator and silos began last May, more than six months after the property was listed for sale. At that point, a petition submitted by resident Anji Redmond to landmark the location threatened to complicate the sale of 0.6 acres that includes the former Lafayette Feed and Grain building.

During Lafayette's council meeting last week, Town Administrator Gary Klaphake gave an update on the site that is awaiting offers from a developer.

"We have lost no negotiating position whatsoever, because they have a property that needs us, or we need them, because neither of us has a title that's worth a darn without each other," he said.

"The city's position of owning half of the property's land isn't going to go away," Klaphake said. "We haven't given up our land to the developer and we wont."

The grain elevator and silos that sit on a 0.6-acre plot in eastern Lafayette were to be set for possible landmark designation, but city leaders tabled the discussion due to confusion over who, exactly, owns which slices of the property, last year.

At the time Redmond made the case that the structures are "iconic" features of Lafayette.

The proposed landmark designation, however, threatened owner Cathy Richardson's ability to sell her section of the plot, originally listed at $780,000, as well as a potential new owner's ability to renovate.