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New Jersey Farm Welcomes Department of Agriculture Secretary, Shows Off Drone

Jul 25, 2018 at 08:09 AM CST

New Jersey’s Growtopia Farms has taken to unmanned aerial vehicles to improve Jersey Tomato growth, decrease cost, and maximize the overall business, according to NJ.com. Drones in agriculture are nothing new, but their implementation in this industry is certainly seeing rapid growth with each passing season.

“We’re not your typical farmers, we think outside the box,” said Growtopia Farms co-owner Kris Wilson. The proverbial box seems to have been ripped open in the past few years, with farmers and growers from Brazil to South Africa gravitating towards drones to improve the health of their produce and increase of revenue. While the implementation of herbicide-spraying or basic monitoring drones above farmland is affordable and logical, it’s still pretty impressive. On Monday, New Jersey Department of Agriculture Secretary Doug Fisher paid Growtopia a visit, to experience the technology for himself.