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Page Trucking Ensures East Dump Trailers Built to Customers’ Needs

Oct 27, 2015 at 11:21 AM CST

Specializing in agriculture, industrial and environmental cleanup, Page Trucking, with headquarters in Weedsport, N.Y., can haul any bulk commodity in North America from its numerous U.S. locations.

Dan Titus, president, said his fleet’s success is due to its dedicated owner operators and the company’s well-maintained equipment — which includes being able to build custom East Manufacturing Corp. trailers for its customers’ hauling needs.

“From the raw materials through the byproducts, we haul the entire supply chain for our customers,” explains Titus. These customers are the largest producers in the lead, steel and aluminum industries. In the supply chain, Page Trucking starts by hauling raw materials in for production, then hauls the finished product out and completes the cycle by hauling the byproducts through recycling and final landfill or processing.

The bulk hauler’s very unique applications require an equally unique trailer — one designed to work with all aspects of the supply chain. East Manufacturing Corp., has customized a dump trailer to do just that. It is engineered with reinforced flooring, specifically configured for multiple use and additional stiffness added to side walls — all light weighted for strength. East aluminum dump trailers are manufactured with the ideal balance of strength and weight to provide maximum payload without compromising strength.

The specially-designed dump trailer, which are typically 39 feet long with 5 foot tall side walls, uses high-quality aluminum, which improves resale value and keeps Page Trucking’s trailers looking good. Because Page Trucking owner operators take pride in their equipment’s appearance, they like the smooth Genesis side walls that are easier to clean and do not show dents from the inside. And, the trailers have superior dump stability, giving drivers more confidence.

Page Trucking was established in 1977 on the family farm by Titus’ father, Keith, who designed the original dump trailer with East. After his father’s death in 1999, his mother, Debbie kept the fleet afloat through an economic downturn. She understood the value of the business and put everything on the line, which allowed Titus and his sister, Piper, to purchase the fleet in 2012.

Coming from seven generations of farmers, Dan and Piper refine the spec hand-in-hand with East. “Technology has improved over the years but the base concept still remains strong,” added Titus.

Titus credits his owner operators with providing feedback to improve their unique dump trailer. With typical annual orders between 20 to 50 trailers, Page Trucking applies that feedback to new generation equipment.

“East understands that every trailer is important to us,” said Titus. “So they make sure every trailer coming off their line is correct, and still delivered in the required timeframe. They are competing with huge companies to be the best. They deliver great quality whether they’re producing one trailer or 100.”