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Patchwork of state regulations raises more trucking concerns

Jun 10, 2024 at 11:30 AM CST
As state regulations on meal breaks, speed limiters, and marijuana use continue to diverge from federal standards, trucking faces confusion and compliance challenges.

If your wallet is anything like mine, you have a little less in there because of the rising costs of almost everything. One constant in your billfold is that every dollar is issued by the United States of America and marked as a Federal Reserve Note. A single currency for all 50 states eliminates the need for each state to issue its own currency. In other words, you don’t need California dollars when you travel to the West Coast, and you don’t need Florida dollars when visiting Disney World.  

While our monetary system abides by a single federal standard to prevent confusion and inconvenience, a troubling trend is regulatory issues that seem to be promulgated on a state-by-state basis.