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Russian threat ready to ‘overrun’ WA grain growers

Jul 20, 2018 at 08:27 AM CST

Russian Government officials have sent a warning to WA grain growers during the first day of CBH’s international study tour, saying the country will “overrun” Australian grain in Asian markets once grain transport issues are rectified in the country’s south.

More than 35 WA farmers met Government officials and Russian farmers’ union representatives on Monday, the first official day in a CBH study tour of the Krasnodar farming district.

Krasnodar vice-governor Andre Korobka said the Government was investing money to address grain transport issues in Russia, improving the railway network, seaports and storage terminals.

He said addressing bottlenecks could see the Krasnodar region almost double its wheat production from eight million tonnes to 15 million tonnes within the decade.