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Smart Freight Funding Announcement Truckers AND Shippers

Aug 25, 2017 at 03:59 PM CST

Smart Freight Funding has joined with a very successful collection agency and created The 4 Points Group. We have seen a need in our industry for truckers and shippers needing help collecting payments on past due invoices.The 4 Points Group has been developed to do just that. Our goal is to help collect debts while maintaining the integrity of your relationships.

The 4 Points Group was developed by individuals with over 20 years of experience in all areas of the industry from grain trading to logistics. We are starting this business with extensive collections experience as well. Successfully collecting for companies such as, Landstar, Saia Motor Freight, Priority 1 Inc., FreightSaver, Vantage Point and many more.


  • Special rates for companies currently doing business with Smart Freight Funding.
  • 19% fee for invoices under a year old. 30% fee for invoicing over a year old. (national average is 27%, and up to 50% for over a year old)
  • 38% collections success rate. (national average is 14%)

We want our carriers and shippers to know that we are in your corner and we will work to ensure that your bottom line is protected.

Call The 4 Points Group today! Let us work for you to ensure your receivables are paid.

The 4 Points Group

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Senior Collections Manager