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Steel Deals – What Are Late-Model Hopper Bottom Trailers Selling For?

Oct 11, 2015 at 09:05 AM CST

Dave MowitzUpdated: 10/09/2015 @ 6:13pm

A reader of the Machinery Insider used equipment analysis reports in Successful Farming magazine emailed me yesterday asking about hopper-bottom trailers. He was looking to replace a 25-plus-year-old hopper bottom trailer that was giving out in the middle of harvest.

"What," he asked, "should I pay for a late-model hopper bottom?"

The answer to that question depends on what he was looking to buy beyond just a late-model unit, I responded. “Are you set on owning a premium-built trailer like those offered by Timpte or Wilson or more of a value-built unit?” I asked.

And what size was he considering. 40 foot? 42 foot? 50 foot?

Plus, what about features? He likely wants an ag hopper and a roll tarp. But did he want an aluminum box as well as aluminum wheels (to cut down on trailer weight) or a pneumatic suspension vs. springs for a smoother ride?

All these factors have a huge influence on used trailer values.

But I promised the reader I would give him some indication of what late-model trailers have been selling for recently. So I did some data-mining online looking only at 2014 or 2015 hopper-bottoms that have sold in the last several months, and this is what I discovered:

• Four 2015 model year Wilson DWH trailers that were 43 feet long and equipped with 66-inch sidewalls, aluminum floors, [email protected] tires, and combination aluminum outer and steel inner wheels sold for between $29,100 to $31,100 in an Auctiontime.com sale in Nebraska.

• A 2014 40-foot CPS model 3A240A300 trailer with steel sides, aluminum hoppers, spring suspensionm and roll tarp sold at a Ritchie Brothers auction in Fort Worth, Texas, in late September for $17,000.

• At that same sale, a 2014 model year Manac model 3A240A000 40-foot trailer with a spring suspension sold for $17,000.

• Two Merritt trailers sold at a Ricthie Brothers sale in St. Louis. The first trailer, a 2013 model year, 38-foot unit with an aluminum box, roll tarp, and A/R suspension went for $22,000. Next went a 2014 model year 42-foot trailer with an aluminum box, spring suspension, aluminum wheels, and roll tarp for $22,000.

• A 2014 model year CRT model GHT40 (40 foot) hopper-bottom recently sold on an online private treaty sale for $17,500. That trailer had a steel box, spring suspension, and manual roll tarp.