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Today’s Pickup: Bulkloads rolls out early features of planned TMS

May 26, 2020 at 08:38 AM CST

The introduction of the TMS and this first phase is coming at a time when the demand for digitizing tickets and bills of lading has grown because of COVID-19. With this first phase, carriers can keep tabs on all documents sent to shippers, brokers and next-day pay factoring services. Shippers and brokers can sort and organize all bills of lading and other documents sent in by carriers for easy paperwork flow. There is an alert system in place in which shippers, brokers and carriers will receive notifications when new documents are sent. When introduced, the full TMS will allow shippers, brokers and carriers to manage the full load cycle from their computer or smartphone screen. The Doc Scanning feature is already in use on the app for both free and Pro members.