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Top 5 Trucking Companies that Hire Felons

Dec 13, 2018 at 03:04 PM CST
Felons face serious challenges in finding employment. A lot of companies practice strict reservations regarding recruitment of felons in their workforce. Now, that’s sad. As humans, we are flawed, and we tend to commit mistakes or crimes. But if someone has acknowledged his fault, has served the deserved sentence and now wants to start afresh- he or she should be given another chance. The good thing is the trucking industry do believe in helping felons to relive their life. Yes, you can earn your living as a truck driver even if you are a felon. There are some truck driving firms who have made a place for felons inside their workforce. While some of these firms follow certain conditions while recruiting, many of them are open for anyone. The only criterion for them is the job seeker should have the capacity and skill needed to be a good truck driver.