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Trooper Follows Grain Hauler for 20 Miles to Say ‘Thank You’

May 01, 2019 at 02:21 PM CST
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“Dear Grain Hauler, I saw you on Route 47 headed south. You were taking your time, obeying the speed limit. I kept my distance behind you. I followed you for probably 20 miles or more, watching your driving behavior. I wondered if you were loaded or empty. If you were headed to the elevator or back to the farm. I didn’t run your plate. I didn’t want to pass you as there were so many no passing zones and intersections. We drove through several small towns. I couldn’t even see what trucking company you were. All I knew is that you were driving a grain hauler. My Dad drives grain too. He loves running back and forth to the elevator. He even takes my kids with him in the semi for trips to the elevator. I smiled as I wondered about your trip today, where you were hauling to and how many trips you’d made.