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Truck driver pay: How fast will it rise in 2016?

Jan 12, 2016 at 07:18 AM CST

Softer demand for trucking services may have dampened pressure on truck driver pay, but it hasn’t removed it.

With the national unemployment rate at 5 percent, and construction companies hiring tens of thousands of workers, trucking firms will have to pay more to "seat" and keep experienced truck drivers in 2016.

Barring an economic surge, they're likely to use more targeted pay hikes and look for other ways to boost compensation.

Truckload carrier C.R. England is one of the first motor carriers to announce a driver wage increase in 2016, raising pay for certain truck drivers 12.3 percent Jan. 4. The pay hike benefits drivers graduating from its “Phase 1” training program into a new “Phase 2” program.