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Wayne Cryts removes soybeans from Ristine elevator

Feb 15, 2019 at 08:37 AM CST

(1981) NEW MADRID -- A Puxico farmer today began taking 30,000 bushels of soybeans he claims are his from the Ristine elevator near here. Wayne Cryts and about a half dozen other farmers pried open a seam in a sheet metal grain bin and used a vacuum device to suck the grain into a truck. About 600 farmers, many from the area but also from a number of other states, were on hand at the elevator this morning, as were about six U.S. marshals. There was no violence and the farmers taking the grain were not obstructed. No weapons were observed. The development this morning is the latest in the continuing controversy over the ownership of grain stored in the Ristine elevator and a number of others whose owner had declared bankruptcy.