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We're raising trucker pay, so let's tell everybody

Jul 09, 2018 at 01:23 PM CST
What’s notable about the announcement by Heartland Express late last week on its increase in pay is not that pay was increased; everybody is increasing trucker pay. What’s notable is that Heartland put it out as a press release. Looking over the press release archive on Heartland’s home page, press releases are few and far between, and as far as we can tell, press releases on pay increases were previously nonexistent. If we can offer some guidance for the next one—and given the state of the market, a “next one” for Heartland and for everybody seems inevitable—giving an indication of the size of the increase would be helpful. But we will assume that what went into effect over the weekend at Heartland must have been substantial enough to have generated a public announcement for a company that normally doesn’t put them out.