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Brokers Wanted

Apr 14, 2017 at 08:28 AM CST
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Riccelli Enterprises, Inc., an family owned and operated trucking Company for the last 46 years, is looking to expand its qualified freight broker ranks. Our primary business is in bulk transportation, but we are looking to grow the flatbed and van business as well.

As a freight broker for Riccelli Enterprises, Inc., you will be creating and managing your own respective accounts; prospect for new business leads to expand customer clientele; and manage customer relations through direct communication.

Further, you will be required to provide responsive Customer Service and resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently

Applicants’ should have five years of broker experience with a successful book of business and a carrier following. Please do note in your submission, if you have knowledge & experience of long haul dump trailer brokerage as well.

Salary & Commissions: will be determined upon experience

Benefits: Health Insurance; Voluntary Dental & Life Insurance Coverage and a company sponsored 401(k) plan with a generous match.

Please send your resume to [email protected]

Replied on Sat, Apr 15, 2017 at 09:54 AM CST
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Hmm, bring your booking from you previous broker.

What if you have a signed contract stating that you can not do such?

I see this all the time, and just wonder if we were to call it what it is if it would not look so sexy.

Here you go:

I want you to joing my firm and steal your customers from your last firm. Steal you truckers as well. Go ahead broker agent come on over here and bring your customers and truckers with you. Don't worry about the honor code that you agreed with, I will make it better for you.

Is that what you meant to say?

You know what they say, their is no honor among thieves.

Here would be a better add for you:

Looking for an ambitious broker agent to join our firm. You will be responsible for procurring and managing new bookings on your behalf to cover your draw plus commission. We are looking to expand our operations and would like to speak with you.

Why did you have to even mention the previous bookings and trucks? Just because the rest of the industry does so, does not mean that you needed to.
Replied on Sat, Apr 15, 2017 at 05:44 PM CST
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Sometimes it is good to admit when you are wrong:

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mark Talley this morning and would like to issue this retraction of my accusation of calling him and his company a thief. He is not looking for individuals that have a contract as I have accused his company of. He is looking for an agent that does indeed have their own bookings as well as trucking relationships. He like I believe that individuals should be able to take their personal bookings with them from place to place providing they are not divulging secrets of one firm to the next. His advert is what is the standard in the industry and while I personally may not like it, it does not necessarily mean that the individual is trying to steal or operate in any dishonorable fashion whatsoever.

I was very impressed with the fact that Mark called me directly and talked directly with me. He was professional in the conversation and I would work with his company any time they needed me to do so. I am not involved in dump work nor the type of work that his company is involved in. It sounds like they have a lot of upcoming work and are indeed in need of a quality minded individual to help manage and procure future contracts for them. With the kind of offering he is making to the agent, I am completely understanding as to wanting proof of an agents ability in advance before giving that agent the opportunity to engage with customers of my own.

Heck to be honest with you folks, if I was not so busy with what I am currently doing, I myself would be interested in the job.

Sorry about the personal wrongful accusation. Even if I might have been right about the statement as an industry, I was indeed wrong about this circumstance. I must repeat that Mark and Riccelli Enterprises are trying to do the honorable deal here.
Replied on Sun, Apr 16, 2017 at 12:19 PM CST
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It was a pleasure speaking with you als. Thank you Alfred you're a man of his word and I have the upmost respect for that.