Bulk Trucking Podcasts

Title Date
Creating a Successful Lease Purchase Program for Your Drivers 07-19-24
An Inside Look Within Dump Trucking, Earning Potential & Industry Growth 07-18-24
Trading a Billion Gallons of Diesel For This Fuel Company 07-18-24
What One of the Largest Lenders is Saying About the Trucking Market 06-28-24
Delivering Hope To Millions Through Trucking & Bulk Commodities 06-21-24
70% of American Grain Goes Through This Company 06-14-24
The Truth About (Some) Factoring Companies 05-31-24
Maximizing Retirement Savings for Owner Operators 05-27-24
How Tri-State Built Their Bulk Trucking Empire Over 50 Years & 3 Generations 05-17-24
Should We Be Fearful When Mega Carriers Enter the Bulk Space? 05-10-24
Got A Permit For That?? 05-03-24
Hammer Down, the Truckers Coffee founded by a BulkLoads Member 04-27-24
An Owner Operator From A Broker’s Prospective 04-19-24
On Track to Get 50 Trucks by 2025 04-12-24
Fracking, Trucking & the US Oil Fields: An Insider's Story 04-05-24
Why the Trucking Industry Should be Paying Attention to this Lawsuit in Texas 03-29-24
LIVE FROM MATS Inside the Cab of a Jaw-Dropping, Best In Class Semi w/ MKC Hauling 03-23-24
Is AI Changing Trucking? US Cellular Integrates AI Into ELD & Dash Cams! 03-15-24
Minnesota Roots, Midwest Success: Garlan Dubbels' Journey from Farming to 40 Trucks 03-08-24
Inside the Logging and Trucking World: Growth, Challenges, and Bourbon Barrels 03-01-24
From 2 Trucks to 60: This Bulk Trucking Company is Buying Out The Competition 02-23-24
A Conversation With Bill Northey Before His Passing: A Life Devoted to Iowa Agriculture 02-16-24
Sapp Bros: Inside Look of a Truck Stop Built on Faith 02-09-24
What You Didn't Know About the Grain Industry: This is the Future of Agriculture 02-05-24
BulkLoads Member Grew Annual Revenue by 133% 01-26-24
A Complete One-Hour Guide to Quickly Turn Profit in Trucking 01-19-24
This BulkLoads Member is Going to 10X by Adding These 2 Business Units 01-12-24
What is Social Inflation? It's Impacting Your Truck Insurance Cost 01-05-24
Inside Look at the FMCSA 12-29-23
Priesthood to Business Owner 12-26-23
Generational Bulk Trucking Company Experienced Massive Growth: Here's How w/ RC Trucking 12-15-23
These Books Helped us Create a 9-Figure Umbrella of Companies 12-09-23
How The Bones Co. Boosts Revenue By Diversifying Its Trucking Business 12-04-23
Growing A Freight Network With Over 150,000 Subscribers 11-24-23
From Single Hopper Farm to Fleet of 130 Trucks 11-17-23
From ADM Merchandiser to Global Chocolate Company 11-10-23
If This Was My Last Podcast... 11-03-23
The Freight Wizard’s Predictions 10-27-23
Don't Bet The Farm 10-21-23
Know How to Better Negotiate Rates to Maximize Your Profit 10-13-23
Increase Trucking Revenue with These Steps 10-09-23
What Sets Cornhusker Hoppers Apart From Other Trailers 09-29-23
We Spend More to Tune Up our Trucks Than Ourselves 09-22-23
We Hated Factoring Companies So We Started Our Own 09-15-23
Fired From BulkLoads Allowed For a Clear Vision 09-11-23
The History and Future of BulkLoads 09-01-23
A Company That Started With a Prayer 08-25-23
What I Would Have Told Myself Before Creating BulkLoads 08-18-23
How to Unload Your Trailer in Half the Time 08-11-23
Should Your Trucking Company Pay for Work-Comp Insurance? 08-07-23
This BulkLoads Member Does Not Take Loads Off the Board 07-28-23
One of the First Companies to Run Doubles out West 07-21-23
Zero to Six Hoppers in a Year 07-17-23
My Top 5 Podcasts for Success 07-07-23
One Nation, Unified Together: 4th of July Special 07-03-23
Hauling Dedicated Bulk Loads for 30 Years With No Contracts 06-23-23
From MLB Pitcher to Serving Truckers 06-16-23
Earning Trust, Trading, and Shipping Commodities 06-09-23
How to Win at Bulk Trucking and Not Do What Everyone Else is Doing 06-02-23
Right to Repair Act and What It Means 05-26-23
How this BulkLoads Member has Over 30,000 Followers on His YouTube Channel! 05-19-23
The Market Will Turn Back. Will You Be Ready? 05-12-23
How This 22-Year-Old Is Killing It in Bulk Trucking With 2 Show Quality Rigs 05-05-23
Health Insurance Made Easy for Small Trucking Companies 04-28-23
The Band of Brothers in Bulk Hauling 04-21-23
"Can’t Make the Excuse That Rates Are Cheap" 04-14-23
Why Today’s Market Can Actually Benefit Your Trucking Company 04-06-23
The Steps to Add a Brokerage to Your Trucking Operation 04-01-23
What Truck Insurance Underwriters Look for When Deciding Your Premium 03-24-23
The Agriculture Finance Outlook for 2023 03-17-23
Bulk Freight Rates Are Going Up on March 15th. Here’s Why. 03-10-23
The Bulk Freight Tool That Optimizes Your Business 03-06-23
Do You Have Pollution Coverage? 02-24-23
Filling Up Your Pipeline When Freight Rates Are Low 02-17-23
What Is Double Brokering? 02-10-23
This Company Wants to Buy Your Company 02-03-23
Who’s to Blame for the Current Trucking Market? 01-27-23
IFTA Is Requiring a 3% Audit on All Truckers 01-20-23
Direct Shippers Aren’t Always the Best for Your Operation 01-13-23
This Guy Met His Wife on BulkLoads! 01-06-23
How the Pet Population Is Causing the Need for Bulk Haulers 12-30-22
You Should Be Asking "Who, Not How" 12-22-22
Double Your Business in 2023 With These Sales Tactics 12-16-22
How to Effectively Take Winter Months off as an Owner-Operator 12-09-22
The Simplest Way to Financially Protect Your Family as an Owner-Operator 12-02-22
Hackers Are Shutting Down Your Truck Right Now 11-23-22
Never Leave the Auger Overweight or Unbalanced Again 11-18-22
Why Truckers Should Be Making at Least $120K/Year 11-11-22
How We Got Where We Are in Trucking Today 11-07-22
How to Maximize Your Profits in Farming and Trucking at the Same Time 10-27-22
An ELD AG Haulers Will Love 10-21-22
How the Color of Your Truck Can Increase Your Business 10-14-22
An Easy, Unbiased Way to Get Grain Market Intel 10-07-22
Ways to Utilize Your Bank You May Not Know 09-30-22
How I Scale Myself to Operate 3 Companies 09-23-22
This Is Why You Are Not Getting Any Responses From Your Post 09-16-22
Don’t Put Your Freight Business at Cyber Risk by Not Taking This Step 09-09-22
Want to Master the Art of Grain Merchandising? 09-02-22
Strengthening the Trader-Trucker Relationships in Turbulent Fertilizer Markets 08-26-22
Correlation of High Grain Prices and Less Grain Haulers 08-18-22
A Flower Startup to Commodity Trading 08-12-22
D.O.T. Does Not Give You Grace for Ignorance 08-04-22
Quadriplegic and Moving Bulk Freight 07-29-22
This Company Prevents Fleet Breakdowns and Boosts Efficiency 07-22-22
Why We Have 100% Turnover in Trucking and How We Can Solve It 07-15-22
How We Scaled up Our Business Using This Secret Weapon 07-08-22
Why We Started an Insurance Company but More Importantly How It Can Benefit You 06-29-22
From a School Teacher to Owning 165 Trucks 06-23-22
How Tim Sullivan Made $40k in Two Weeks Using BulkLoads 06-17-22
How Trucking Bills Start to Move Through Congress 06-10-22
"My Drivers Fight for the Trailer With This Device on It" 06-03-22
Is a Trucker's Time Worth More Than $100/Hour? 05-27-22
You Can Get Paid to Do This to Your Truck or Auto 05-20-22
How This Farm Family Has Created Several Successful Logistic Businesses 05-13-22
Using a Fuel Adjustment Program Instead of a Fuel Surcharge 05-06-22
Unloading 1,000 Hoppers a Day With This Device 04-29-22
Bulk Rate Calculator That Changed the Profits of This Company Dramatically 04-22-22
“43 Years of Experience Has Not Prepared Me for This Fertilizer Season” 04-15-22
Moving 600 Bulk Loads a Day With This Agribusiness 04-08-22
Don't Sell Your Trucking Business Without Knowing This 04-01-22
Why Your Trucking Operation Needs a Rules Tariff 03-25-22
Live From the National Grain and Feed Conference 03-17-22
Haul Liquid in Your Dry Van With This Invention with David Buonerba 03-11-22
New Innovations From This Bulk Trailer Company 03-04-22
MATS is Back!! with Toby Young 02-25-22
New FMCSA CDL Training Requirements (Effective Feb 2022) with Andrea Marks 02-18-22
How this company has kept the same drivers for 45 years! 02-11-22
Tax Benefits Most Truckers Don't Know About with Michael Schneider & Todd Amen 02-04-22
How This Bulk Hauler Is Running For Governor with Darryl Gibbs 01-28-22
A Better Understanding of Decarbonization with Doug Berven of Poet 01-14-22
Lawyers For Truck Drivers with Jeff McConnell and James Mennella 01-07-22
Futures Trading Made Easy with Don Dawson 12-31-21
Running a Rodeo Company and Hauling Bulk with Charlie McKellips 12-27-21
Urgent Message in Response to Recent Tornadoes with Ethan Forhetz 12-17-21
Current HOS and Other FMCSA Regulations with Andrea Marks 12-10-21
How to Make a Business Plan For 2022 with Tim Brady 12-03-21
Listen to This Before You Renew Your Insurance Premium with Zac Sumners 11-24-21
There’s No Limit to What You Can Track with Jason Meixner 11-19-21
Making Your Own DEF and Saving $$$ with William Walls 11-12-21
The System That Moved 591 Million Bushels in 12 Months with Brad Ryan and Michael Hinton 11-02-21
Not Treating Drivers Like Commodities with Jason Eisenman 10-29-21
Fast Pace Trading Commodity Futures at the CBOT with Ryan Nelson 10-22-21
Creating a Successful 'Direct Ship' Grain Marketing Program with Angie Setzer 10-15-21
An Easier Way to Find Farm Labor with Kevin Johansen of AgButler 10-08-21
Applying Navy Seal Training to Ag Tech with Trevor Thompson 10-01-21
Rebuilding the Stuckey's Brand with Stephanie Stuckey 09-24-21
Growing From 1 to 200 Trucks in 5 Years with Demarco Thomas 09-16-21
The Grain Semi-Truck That Caught America's Attention with Dylan Mercier 09-10-21
View Your Trailer Loading and Unloading From Inside the Cab! with Roland Wohlgemuth 09-03-21
Building a Grain Software System from the Ground Up with Jeff Malone of Grainworx 08-27-21
Steps to Increase Your Rates with Shippers with Tim Brady 08-20-21
Interviewing Jared Flinn on the History of BulkLoads 08-12-21
Providing Affordable Healthcare for Your Trucking Business with Steve Kelly 08-06-21
From Commodity Trading to CEO of One of the Largest Grain Companies with Randy Linville 07-30-21
Starting Kingpin Logistics from International Feed with Nick, Travis, and Bill 07-23-21
Weight is Money with Dean Grose of Comtech Industries 07-16-21
How This Bulk Hauler Finds Fitness on the Road with Dale Hermans 07-08-21
Trading Four-Wheelers and Airplanes for Semi-Trucks with Trae Viser of Arrow Truck Sales 07-02-21
Working with Railroads Instead of Competing Against Them with Wade Riffey 06-25-21
Ever Have a Load Get Stuck in Your Trailer? with Michael Holland 06-18-21
Loading 1,100 Bushels in 3 Minutes with Jaxson Hoffman of Hoffman Grain Services 06-11-21
Creating a 30,000+ Facebook Group with Chad Boblett of 'Rate Per Mile Masters' 06-04-21
Are Digital Documents Here to Stay? with Rachael Biesterfeld 05-28-21
Is $7 Corn Good for Bulk Trucking? with Nate Broders 05-21-21
Don't Be Apart of the 90% That Fail with Tim Brady 05-13-21
The End of Fertilizer Season? or Just the Beginning? with Steve Morgan 05-07-21
Making Roadside Breakdowns Hassle Free with Robin Gregg 04-29-21
That Can Go in a Hopper?? With Shannen White of Dacapo Transportation 04-23-21
Creating a Win/Win for Carriers and Brokers with Steven Preston 04-16-21
How to Negotiate Better Rates in Bulk Freight 04-09-21
Buying the Right Tires for Your Bulk Hauling Operation with Hadley Longenecker 04-02-21
What Goes Up, Must Come Down with Zach Strickland of FreightWaves 03-26-21
Only Pay for the Insurance You Need with special guest Matthew Vega-Sanz 03-21-21
Custom Rigs and Aftermarket Parts with Scott Bradley of Big Rig Chrome Shop 03-12-21
What's Happening in the Grain Market and What to Expect in 2021 with Jon Scheve 03-05-21
How a Clean Rig Represents Your Company with Mike Lowry of Image Wash Products 02-26-21
Understanding Fuel Surcharges in the Current State of the Economy with Wayne Levinson of Bulk FR8 02-19-21
Mixing Family and Business with Ryan Garber of GFI Transport 02-12-21
Fuel Up While Sitting in Line to Load or Unload with Carlo Passacantando 02-05-21
How This Trucker Solved the Age Old Problem of Flickering Trailer Lights with Robert Patterson 01-29-21
A Dispatch System for All BulkLoads Members to Use 01-22-21
Opportunities in Pneumatic Freight with Ben Caplenor of Bulkmatic 01-15-21
Strategies and Business Planning in Trucking for 2021 with Tim Brady 01-11-21
What to Expect in the Fertilizer Market for 2021 with special guest Steve Morgan 12-31-20
An App That Allows Flexible Scheduling in Trucking with Timothy Henry 12-23-20
The Real Cost of Truck Ownership with Darin Stambaugh of Freightliner 12-18-20
Bringing Deceased Truckers Back to Their Families with Robert Palm 12-11-20
What this Bulk Hauler Does to Stand Out with Shippers! with James Mitchell 12-04-20
Why You Can't Use One Truck to Support Another Truck With Tim Brady 11-20-20
Removing Your Emotions When Making Critical Business Decisions with John Pfanner 11-12-20
What Makes Mac Trailer the #1 Leader in Commodity Hauling? With Founder Mike Conny and David Edwards of Mac Trailers 11-06-20
Growing Your Fleet: From One Truck to Multi-Truck With Rob Brackett 10-30-20
Huckleberry's Hammer: The Perfect Multi-Tool for Truckers with Mike Wade 10-23-20
From Photography to Missions and Now Bulk Shipping With Dan & Kari Elliot 10-16-20
The History and Innovations of Cornhusker 800 with Jeremy Barnhill 10-09-20
Picking the Right Hopper Trailer with Doug Cooney of Timpte Trailers 10-02-20
Diagnostics Made Easy, Putting The Technology In Your Hands with Tyler Robertson of Diesel Laptops 09-25-20
How to Know You are Hiring the Right Driver with Adrian Chapman of Cover 3 Consulting 09-18-20
Your Network Is Your Net Worth with Ryan Schreiber 09-11-20