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BulkLoads provides solutions to the bulk commodity industry that make business faster, more efficient and more profitable. We are a network for bulk commodities and transportation, connecting and interacting, through our community-driven load boards, forum discussions, instant messaging, and member directories.

We are a community of shippers, brokers and carriers in the dry and liquid bulk truckload industry. Our shipper members are traders, merchandisers and transportation logistics managers of grain, feed, fertilizer, aggregate and all bulk commodities. Our carrier members pull hopper bottoms, end dumps, walking floors, pneumatics, belts and tanker trailers. BulkLoads.com is driven by its community members, creating solutions to match shippers with loads to move with the carriers to move them.

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For questions please contact us at 800-518-9240 or [email protected].
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There are several options for posting to BulkLoads load board. You choose what's right for you.

You Do It: Postings loads is quick and easy.
We Do It For You: Don't have time to post loads? Let us upload them for you quickly and efficiently to allow you to focus on more important things. Email, fax, call... however you'd like to get them to us, we'll get them added for you!

Send your list, in any format, to [email protected].

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4 HRS Jersey City NJ York PA 5/21 6/24 100
5 HRS Inola OK Parkston SD 5/21 5/25 1
5 HRS Salem OH Nashville NC 5/21 5/24 5
8 HRS Grand Forks ND Enderlin ND 5/21 5/25 5
8 HRS Martinsburg MO Waverly IL 5/21 5/25 15

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BulkLoads.com is an online community of carriers and shippers in the bulk loads industry. Our shipper members are transportation logistics managers of grain, fertilizer, aggregates, feed ingredients and all agriculture commodities. Our carrier members pull hopper bottoms, walking floors, end dump trailers, belt trailers, and live floors. BulkLoads.com brings the two groups together, matching those that have grain loads to move with grain haulers.

Our enhanced free load board simply and clearly maps available trucks with load postings, and our focus on instant communication enables the carrier and shipper to connect quickly, saving time and money. Instant online chat, community chat, forums, click to text and email alerts are just a few of the features we've developed for our members to make doing business in bulk loads better.

We also offer a full, searchable database of all registered carriers in North America to make finding carriers easier and getting freight moved quicker. And we offer all of this to our members for a low cost!

There is nothing hidden, no fine print, no payment information to enter and no obligations. BulkLoads is committed to providing valuable services to our members. We continually update and develop new features by listening to our members' requests and feedback, and by doing all development internally we are able to offer the services at a low cost.

We are a community of carriers and shippers working together to move North America's ag commodities.

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I am moving on and looking at early retirement. The site has been good and definitely recommend it. If I ever get back into this field then I will be in touch. Thanks again for a great service.
- Andy G

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