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Check out how Tary Prewitt uses Smart Freight Funding has partnered with Smart Freight Funding to provide Quick Pay options on most loads posted on this site.

Services Offered

  • Rates as low as 3%
  • No extra fees/charges
  • Free fuel cards

More About Smart Freight Funding

Freight factoring company, Smart Freight Funding, helps trucking companies of all sizes keep their trucks moving by getting paid quicker. Smart Freight Funding works with single truck operations, individual owner-operator, and larger companies managing several trucks and drivers. We offer competitive low rates, quick pay, and superb customer service.

The team behind Smart Freight Funding has more than 50 years combined driving, dispatching, contracting and accounting experience in the trucking industry. This new, and quickly growing company, is based in Omaha, NE and works with customers nationwide in the bulk freight sector. While working in various fields of transportation and logistics the founding team of Smart Freight Funding saw a great need to get carriers paid quicker and back on the road.

Smart Freight Funding offers rates as low as 3% and paid within 24 hours. Smart Freight Funding is an honest company with no extra fees, including free ACH and invoicing at no additional costs. We work only with companies specializing in the bulk freight industry. Our clients operate hopper bottom, end dump, walking floor, live bottom, pneumatic and liquid tankers.

"Smart Freight Funding has helped me so much and taken a huge headache off my lap. I always had to worry about getting paid and whether I'd have enough cash to make it week to week. Now I don't have that stress and can focus more on trucking."

Mike L.

"Very speedy process getting my money and super easy to work with."

Harold Lyle, Lyle Services

"Smart Freight has tremendously helped me manage my cash flow. The girls in the office are great to work with and has made my life a lot easier."

Brian Crowley, Crowley Commodities

"Very happy with them and would highly recommend them. They've been super ammodating and easy to work with. Money is in my account the same or next day. Rachael is awesome to deal with."

Bill S.

"I've used them. Good people they do exactly what they say."

Shane R.