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Dispatcher Needed in Family Operation

Jan 04, 2023 at 03:45 PM CST
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The qualifications and skills a Dispatcher must have are:

Excellent communication skills to collaborate with others under any type of condition

Excellent clerical and organizational skills to keep track of schedules, routes and personnel

Knowledge of computers for scheduling and other dispatching duties

Ability to multitask with different, and sometimes conflicting, events happening at the same time

Ability to work under stress and remain calm and to calm other people during rapidly changing circumstances

Ability to relay information in a fast-paced environment

Dispatcher Duties and Responsibilities:

Scheduling and dispatching drivers, work crews, vehicles or equipment to appropriate locations according to predetermined schedules, customer requests or immediate needs

Relaying information such as work orders or other messages to and from work crews, field inspectors, supervisors or emergency personnel

Using telephones, two-way radios or text messages to contact employees or emergency personnel

Speaking with supervisors or customers to resolve problems, requests for services or equipment

Preparing daily work such as schedules

Preparing work orders for crew or receiving work orders from work crews

Being in charge of communications within company assigned territories

Keeping and organizing work requests, customer requests, completed work requests, charges for work performed, expenses for services performed, inventory records and other information

Gary M. Bogers, CTP

Vice President of Business Development

Savage Sweets Inc