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Hiring Truck Drivers for Central Chicago, Cincinnati, Indy, Western Ohio, & PA

May 21, 2022 at 10:57 AM CST

Teams and Solo Drivers

$250 per shift plus $65 per load- Drivers are averaging 6 loads per week. They also receive an extra $15 per load for Economic Recovery Pay. They also receive safety bonuses on top of this. Home Saturday/Sunday every week –

Hiring in western Ohio area in addition to Indy, Chicago, and Cincinnati area

$330 x 5 = $1650 plus $80 for 1 extra loads and Economic recovery pay = $1730 per week PLUS Bonuses

We have changed our 30-day out 15-day home fleets to 21 days out and 7 days home. No-Slip seating.

We have also raised pay here with top starting pay in the North at $0.67. Still fully loaded the truck with TV, Micro, Fridge, etc.

Drivers living in MI, NH, ME, WI, MN, VT can also choose to run Shift Load pay OTR earning $250 per shift and $65 per load – 7 shifts and 7 loads nets them $2310 per week – work 9 months per year with 3 months off and gross over $90K

team top starting pay now is $0.84 for 21/7 areas and $0.81 for 18/4 areas.

We are also offering regional to Teams as well as shift pay for teams.

Our average paycheck over all our drivers is currently $1800 per week.

Contact Mike Eden or Robert Stokes Recruiters

Mike at 479-310-5792 or Robert at 479-310-5792