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Merry Christmas!! Join us and let us make you $$$

Dec 24, 2020 at 11:39 AM CST

ATTENTION DRIVERS!! I am looking for professional owner/ops & small trucking companies to join the fleet on our dedicated dispatch program. Year round dispatch service that works with you & your drivers (no forced dispatch)! A Centrally based company with a hardworking Midwestern work ethic! We are not just some brokerage like many others out here just wanting to “manage” your drivers while taking YOUR $$$! We work off of a 90/10 split but we are very willing to give up part of our portion to make a load or round sexier. Norag has several of our own mills, elevators, crushing facilities across the Midwest to help secure and keep our customers choosing Norag. Please call, text or email to put NorAg to work for you so we can start making you & your trucks $$$ today! 100 yrs. combined of experience in the industry w/ a relaxed, reliable, diligent, passionate but professional group of people dedicated to growing the team in an ever changing industry. Not getting any detention where you are at?? Not a problems here! Let NorAg go to bat for you when you are detained so that your truck can take home a paycheck & not waste their time sitting while already out on the road. This program is designed for a team work environment and have amazing communication from start to finish on all loads! From the drivers to the customers we work tirelessly so the trucks are moving making the most $$$ possible. With our experience we cater to all 48 states (plus Canada if you are able to) but our main foot print is in between the mountain ranges (Rockies - Appalachians). We are open to trucks running OTR, regional, semi local or even ask me about running with a company truck with one of our amazing carriers we work with! Trailer Leasing, driver referral program, Firestone tire program & Fleet One Edge fuel cards all available upon request to our dedicated carriers! Paid every Friday via ACH direct deposit!

Call me ASAP! I look forward to speaking & working with you soon!

Mitchell Snyder

Office: (402) 934-7537 or [email protected]

Replied on Wed, Dec 30, 2020 at 08:14 AM CST
I’m in NE Nebraska and would be interested in running a 300mi radius. I have an 07 W900 KW and a 2014 Wilson tri axle and a 2014 Doonan drop deck all very well maintained and I have a superior rating with the DO. I have my own authority and am insured with Great West Casualty. I’m 65 and have plenty experience. Thanks Bob