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Need to rent a grain hauler truck and Driver for a day in the Cummings area. But need the 2003 International model tractor

Sep 14, 2019 at 02:38 PM CST

Great deal for an owner/operator in the greater Cummings, GA area. Looking for a 2003 International 9400 I with a Timpte Super Hopper. Needed to rent the truck and the driver for a day of easy work. Would be willing to pay $2500 for the day. We need to do some speed tests on a road in Cummings. $2500 for the day is pretty easy work just driving the truck down a hill for us so we can do some speed tests. Best pay day in a while. No gimmick. This is a real deal. Please give me a call. Chris at 801 598 1507.