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Newly Licensed CDL Holder Seeking Entry-Level Agricultural Role

Aug 12, 2023 at 09:40 AM CST

🚜 CDL Holder with Hands-On Maintenance Experience Seeking Entry-Level Agricultural Role 🚜

Name: Nicholas S.
Location: Downers Grove, Illinois
CDL License: Illinois State, Class A with Tanker, Double, and Triple Trailer endorsements
US citizen, DOB 2004

Dedicated CDL holder with practical maintenance experience and a recent CDL license, eager to launch a career in the agricultural industry. Ready to bring my skills, enthusiasm, and willingness to work long hours to support your farming operations.

- CDL Class A License with Tanker, Double, and Triple Trailer endorsements (Illinois State)
- 1 year of hands-on experience in tractor trailer repair and maintenance
- 1 year of experience in semi-trailer repair and maintenance
- High school diploma
- Willingness to work extended hours to meet operational needs
- Clean record, no drug alcohol or tobacco use

- Proficient in tractor trailer and semi-trailer maintenance
- Detail-oriented and committed to delivering quality work
- Fast learner with adaptability to new tasks
- Strong work ethic and punctuality

If your agricultural operations in Illinois, Iowa, or Nebraska are looking for a motivated CDL holder with hands-on maintenance experience, Nicholas is excited to contribute.

➡️ Contact me at (224) 478-4187 Nick