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Owner Operators

Aug 08, 2021 at 07:48 PM CST
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Looking for PROFESSIONAL Operators, preferably with own authority and at least a 43x78x96 Hopper, although a local truck might get by with standard size trailer. Running KS, OK, NE, CO, SD, MO, TX, occasional AR and MN. Run mostly west of I-29/I-49 . We are laid-back and most of what we haul actually falls out the bottom without blood, sweat, and tears. We have Year-Round loads, so a good, steady driver can keep busy without having to worry about up-and-down freight.

Also can use 1 reliable truck from AR/MO Delta Region to Upstate New York for $$$. Nice run.

Only looking for Real, Professional people with work ethics and honesty. Call 913-209-2254 if you are interested And fit the basic guidelines. Above average $$$, but do you really want to make money, OR, just run with your buddies and act Cool, even if you aren't doing that great. References available for Serious Individuals. Call IF you are wanting something stable. WHERE are the PROFESSIONALS???? And phone calls are preferred to messaging, as we can answer each others questions in minutes instead of hours. Any Old-School Operators needing a Better Deal?

Call if you want to keep steady 52 weeks a year and are tired of busting your brains for 7 months and sitting for 5 months. Still looking for 2 or 3 Professional, Old-School Owner Operators who want to stay in it for the Long Haul and still have a Life. Don't wait until you run out of work. By then 20 others will be calling, but we are just looking for a Few who want to be treated Great and Enjoy Life. and, watch out for the Pie-In-The-Sky, might end up being cow pie in the face when it's over. STAY STEADY at a Decent Rate, ALL Year Long.

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will call @ 8:00