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position available maybe

Apr 24, 2024 at 07:44 PM CST
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Do you like large motors and light loads so you can run up the hill faster, are speed limiters bad for trucking, Log books limit your income, couple beers at the end of day to unwind are great, OOIDA is good for truckers, your personal statment of how you dress or look is not important as your performance, are delivery times too stringent, your a driver not a loader, trucking is for free spirited people who don't need oversite, check calls are a pain  ???

If you answer yes to the above don't waste my time but if you are clean cut understand trucking is a business and want to make better pay then we can talk, OOIDA has to be supported by anti trucking groups as they go out their way to make truckers look childish and stupid, if you need to work 70+ hours a week you need a better job, if you need to speed to make up time because you ratchet jaw at the truck stop you need a new life, if you need to look like Fabio Swift has a job for you, getting the picture, Our customer base is the Dept. of Defense, NASA, Smithsonian, Dept. of Interior and other Aviation Museums and some commercial accts. we haul a lot of 20'+ wide loads, you must be able to pass a strict DOD/FBI background check, you will have DOD credentials and act accordingly, many loads will travel with police escorts and you must be able to communicate clearly, you will direct loading of your load, Motels are provided and per diem, another words this a position for a person who can communicate and operate equipment in a professional manner and yes we pay very well,  you will be lucky if you run 35k to 50k miles a year so we pay by the hour via paycom.  strictly NO Smoking or Drinking while on a job. pics of some loads at wildheavyhaul.com our parent co. is Wild Companies Inc and we are A DOD global contractor moving anything from a Huey to CH53 all the way up to C130 aircraft. David 678 428 9651