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901 Loads Out of California
Trailer Type: Belly/Side Dump

Load Info Poster Info Leads Origin City St Dest City St Bounce Start End Lds Rate Product Equip Miles Added Carriers Posted By Actions
Milligan, CA   Login, AZ 
Dist: 262mi SE,  
1 ld - 8/5 to 9/4, B, DB, ED, H, HHS, WF
Milligan, CA CA Login, AZ AZ 8/5 9/4 1 Belt, Belly/Side Dump, End Dump, Hopper, Hopper High Side, Walking Floor 262 SE
Paradise, CA   Login, CA 
Dist: 0mi N,  
900 ld s - 7/11 to 3/1, Belly/Side Dump,End Dump
Paradise, CA CA Login, CA CA 7/11 3/1 900 Pay per Hour Belly/Side Dump, End Dump 0 N