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22 Loads Out of Louisiana
Trailer Type: Belt

Load Info Poster Info Leads Origin City St Dest City St Bounce Start End Lds Rate Product Equip Miles Added Carriers Posted By Actions
Convent, LA   Login, OK 
Dist: 528mi NW,  
1 ld - 8/20 to 8/23, B, ED, H, WF
Convent, LA LA Login, OK OK 8/20 8/23 1 Belt, End Dump, Hopper, Walking Floor 528 NW
New Orleans, LA   Login, BC 
Dist: 2,762mi NW,  
1 ld - 8/26 to 9/30, Belt,Hopper,Walking Floor
New Orleans, LA LA Login, BC BC 8/26 9/30 1 Belt, Hopper, Walking Floor 2,762 NW
Napoleonville, LA   Login, TX 
Dist: 385mi NW,  
20 ld s - 8/15 to 9/16, B, BT, C, DB, ED, H, HHS, HLS, LB, WF
Napoleonville, LA LA Login, TX TX 8/15 9/16 20 Belt, B-Train, Convertible, Belly/Side Dump, End Dump, Hopper, Hopper High Side, Hopper Low Side, Live Bottom, Walking Floor 385 NW