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ABF latest acquisition

Dec 03, 2015 at 11:17 AM CST
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ABF is acquiring Bear Transportation for $26M, after just earlier this year acquiring Smartlines Brokerage for about $5M. While I have no problem with larger companies acquiring smaller companies, I wonder why we smaller guys can't see the benefit of our own Merger to give us the leverage that we so desperately need to survive. We don't have that kind of cash laying around to buy each other out, so the smartest thing for us to do is work with one another for the greater cause of the smaller carrier.

Just think of all the 1-10 truck operations that could benefit from this type of unity. Instead of cutting each other and making out industry bleed, we could work with one another and possibly heal it and take back our freedom as well. Instead of us hating what we do we could go back to loving what we do once again. Instead of feeling like we are constantly being taken advantage of, we could once again hold our heads up with pride and respect by knowing that we were getting paid a fair to good profit for our business without taking advantage of others in doing so. The cycle that our industry currently runs is not for the betterment of any, when it really comes down to it. The shippers try and stick it to the brokers and truckers. The brokers try and stick it to the shippers and truckers. The truckers try and stick it to the brokers and shippers. In the end we all end up in an environment of animosity vs being partners with one another, the looser most of the times is the trucker and the consumer. Enough is enough, is anybody else seeing the price of goods rise vs going down?

Truckers are going out of business left and right because they lack a basic understanding as to how the power of leverage can be to their benefit. Honorable brokers are now heading down the toilet as well because they made their living on small margins working with the very truckers that are going out of business. Mega-Carriers are buy medium to large brokerage house just for their client base, each time this happens they take the prime freight for themselves and sell the problematic customers to us. Mega-Brokers are buying medium to large carriers for the same reason and also understand that in this kind of market they better have some assets to cover the customer base they currently have. Notice these Mega's are not out cutting each others rates to capture market share, they are purchasing market share.

We independent carriers don't have the purchasing power or negotiating power as individuals to compete in this environment, but if just 1% of us were to decide to work together for the common good and set aside our personal pride and differences we would indeed develop the leverage that we need as individuals. This is why a group of us formed the Independent Carrier Group, we believe that there are still Honorable Independent Carriers amongst us. That most likely is about 1% of us that believe in old fashioned values. We are honest, hard-working, do not steal, cheat, or lie to get ahead, those are the type of Carriers that we want to work with.

If you are one of those Carriers then maybe you would be interested in joining us.

Email your Information to us to include your DOT # or MC # (so we can validate you are a carrier and not a broker or shipper) to [email protected]

Sorry brokers but you already have your own organizations as well as do the shippers, this is for Independent Carriers only.