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Amazon Joliet MDW2 the worst unloading stay away

Sep 29, 2018 at 08:06 AM CST
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The worst unloading times ever.I check in early 10am for my 1300 appt. on a Friday 09/28/18. That I pick up yesterday 250miles out .Back in the dock at 1245 and unhook.Was told this was a live unload by Mode Transportation out of Michigian. I call up around 1600 and ask how much longer it would Take,because we have another load to pick up for the weekend at 1630 in chicago. She replied back 20 minutes later stating that they are willing to pay detention and can we be patient. I ask again if we can get a eta because we have another load to pick up going to California. 20 mintes goes by and I called her.And this what she had to say(remember the have to check in at the guard and at the dock)

Amazon is saying that your Driver did not check in until 11 minutes ago and that they immediately assigned him to be unloaded.…he was supposed to give the guard the necessary paperwork that would “check him in” for the appt time of 1:00 which has a bar code that they scan.

I think your driver may have forgotten to provide the “very important paperwork” that the shipper explained to your driver when he picked up yesterday.

Finally got until loaded at 1830 and lost the load to California
Both Amazon and Mode Transportation(kristen) Stay far away both of them like to strentch the truth.
Never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1