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beware of dispatch service

Aug 06, 2017 at 12:01 PM CST
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just wanna put out their that u shud be aware of certain dispatch services the one in particular u need to watch out for he call himself professional dispatch services, adom bolton out of traverse city MIchigan, and thats so far from the truth,i had him for a little while an hes nothing like he claims in his add,he will not spend aolt of time looking for good pay loads basically he will give u the crap loads an lie about the miles to make his rates look good,he will lie to the brokers that the trucks are on the way to load when their not,i lost alot of brokers cause of him plus he opwes the company a bunch of money,and he made up fake rates cons for more then the rate acually was just so he doest have to deal with u, as long as he gets paid thats all hes worried about and couldnt care less about u,he is not worth the money an if he tells u if u refer trucks to his company he will pay u $250 well thats a lie he owes me for 10 trucks an never paid me he just tells u he sent it but never shows up,plus his add says 24/7 well not true either,an he double brokers loads to,he owns trucks of his own so his interest is to make sure his trucks roll an doesnt give a cats meow about u, hes a crook an a fraud, so if ur thinking of hiring him wel just google his name under MICHIGAN REVIEWS AN THAT WILL TELL U EVERYTHING U NEED TO NO