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Big iron truck wash great falls mt

Mar 17, 2024 at 08:28 PM CST
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Hello all i never post and i never do a review or any of that nonsense although I probably should. So i had two trucks recently go through the big iron truck wash in great falls montana several days apart and when my drivers call me and send me pictures and say hey boss truck never looked so good or best truck wash I've ever been to boss i really have to take notice because most of my time is spent in the bakken oil field although we are branching out and i do have a couple of hoppers I'm used to paying 180 dollars for a tractor wash that looks like pure crap afterwards and then I'm grateful just cause i got the mud off and the magwater rinsed off so it doesn't eat holes in everything. How cool is that i get to post about someplace that does a good job that's rare in my world. Second wash was truck trailer and trailer washout  for 180 dollars,  I don't know what all of you think but i thought that was pretty good needless to say ill be giving them my business every time we roll though