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Brokers, the FMCSA is coming after you next !!!

Apr 27, 2016 at 08:46 PM CST
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I have been warning for quite sometime about us working together willingly or we would end up working together by force. While you brokers have just set back and laughed at us dumb old truckers and continued to help drive the rates lower and lower by not telling shippers that the rates were entirely too cheap. Well here are your come-up-ins.

FMCSA says it’s looking for information from carriers and shippers that have experienced challenges receiving compensation for claims against freight forwarders and brokers due to insufficient funds.

Don't expect us Independent Carriers to cry the blues when you get your bond raised yet again driving even more little brokers out of the business. Nobody sheds a tear for us, so don't expect us to shed a tear for you. Now once again the smaller broker will be forced to make a decision and join with a Mega broker to just make a living. Welcome to our world of leasing onto a bigger carrier just to survive. The only difference is that you will find when you sign on as an agent with the Mega broker they will tell you that they already have the customers you already have and that you need to go get some new ones. (Wonder how I know this one?)

Good luck to the honorable brokers I hope you make it through this next wave of increases, it is just a tax dollar and money grab from the smaller business owners.

Read the article yourself and hopefully you know how to read between the lies ooops I meant lines.