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Bulk Freight Conference 2024

Feb 26, 2024 at 01:04 PM CST
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We're just two months away from our highly anticipated 2nd annual Bulk Freight Conference. Get ready for an engaging lineup of speakers, panels, and vendors, all geared towards expanding your network and boosting your bulk business. Secure your tickets now at https://bulkfreightconference2024.eventify.io/t/tickets/DD9562.

Concerned about the cost? Reach out to me; we don't want finances to be a hindrance. If time is a worry, rest assured we'll have designated areas for you to set up your laptops and conduct business during the event. Don't miss out on this opportunity – last year, companies that participated experienced significant growth. For more information, visit https://www.bulkfreightconference.com/. See you there!

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