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Do you still use your CB Radio?

Oct 03, 2018 at 09:39 AM CST
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Dave Winters post "A magic time and place" got me thinking the other day... When I was younger my father used to have a CB in his pickup (he's more of a HAM guy now) just to chat with other folks (especially OTR truck drivers) on the road when he was traveling a lot for work and while we were on family roadtrips. He does industrial electrical maintainance so he came up with his CB handle "Sparks" and my mother was "Sparks chaser." I thought it was so cool! Many years later my husband installed a CB in his car just to listen to and sometimes chat with truck drivers while traveling cross country to visit friends/family while stationed out at Ft. Lewis in WA. As far as I know we don't have any truck drivers in our respective families, but even so we used to love getting on that CB and seeing who was out there, what they might be hauling, listening to their stories, etc.

Long story short...do those of you driving for suppliers like me still use your CB? Do you still see non-trucking folks hopping on to chat with you? I hope that the answer is yes :)
Replied on Wed, Oct 03, 2018 at 05:58 PM CST
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I really enjoyed reading that post as well. I am too young to know what it was like then...but my dad drove from 1969-1985. And is driving for me again now. On his first trip he mentioned how silent the radio was. Once or twice a week we hear, or take part in some friendly chatter. And once or twice a week we get our butt chewed for offending someone by driving 65 in a 65 zone, which is too slow for some. (Thanks eld)

But for the majority of our time in our trucks, we don't hear much asside from our own chatter. My dad still chooses to say "your clear, bring it back" while being passed rather than flashing the lights. For him, that radio was the first Facebook.

Thanks for the cool topic