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Does your insurance cover towing ? Flat Tires ? Fuel Delivery?

Jan 09, 2024 at 09:22 AM CST
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Most insurance policies don't provide coverage for towing due to mechanical breakdown, flats or fuel. In these instances we've partnered with Roadside Masters to make sure BulkLoads members have protection.

Roadside Masters is considered the AAA of commercial vehicles and when using our link below you can save $200 per year on your membership. Check out the benefits below.


Roadside Assistance Benefits

Tractor & Trailer Towing Together
(up to 50 miles or 2 hours FREE ).
Flat Tire Assistance.
Tire Replacement Assistance.
Tire Repair Assistance.
Mobile Mechanic Service.
Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service.
Replacement Part Delivery.
Light Winching/Extricating Assistance.
Replacement Battery Delivery.
Fuel Delivery Service.
Lockout/Replacement Key Services.
Pull Start.
Discounted Hotel Stays.
Truck Financing. ($500 Coupon)
Engine Overhaul Financing.
($500 Coupon)
Lease Buyout Financing
($500 Coupon)

-Larry Hurt

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