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Sep 01, 2019 at 09:25 PM CST
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As a whole the truck community steps up very generously with charities and donations of time and effort. We are continually asked for more than we can possibly do.
I understand.
However im going to ask for help for the Blind Cat Rescue. I don't remember who posted this charity first, but i follow their challenges regularly. The before and after pictures are phenomenal. What they can accomplish with our support is great. I happen to enjoy all pets but you can usually find my truck cat in the windshield at a truck stop. She gets great joy in annoying dogs in the next truck. I found her abandoned almost 10 years ago. We have drug home enough that my son and I are banned from anymore.
I digress. Please if you have the ability to help abandoned animals please do. They didn't ask to be abused and the horrific things people do is beyond my comprehension.
Anything and way you can help is appreciated. In order to be fair i adopted a rescue dog a few years ago.

Thanks for everyones help
Art Pfluger
Replied on Tue, Sep 03, 2019 at 07:42 AM CST
Hi Art

Glad you don’t have bone to pick with me as you would
have to bring your own bone, our cupboard is bare
not even a bone .

My wife has 2 cats they don’t stay in the house
but they have assese from out side to get in her
office that has AC and heat one of them is
Screeching at the door right now, Kathy say the
cat ,snowball says he wants their Water checked .
Rember you talking about your animals before that’s
one thing we have in common, we usually have had
In the past ,when we lived in the country several dogs
and cats that someone couldn’t take care of.

You know free dogs ?? and free cats ?? Ha Ha.

We live in town now not much room just the 2 cats.

we are just now applying to renew our insurance with
Great West May be the reason we received the warnings
about cannabis don’t have any other idea .

Be interesting to see what our rates will be this year.

Respectfully yours

Jim Dana