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Heads up on Southwest Pneumatics in Venus TX.

Oct 19, 2022 at 02:17 PM CST
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I was looking to add bottom load to my trailer. Called around and stopped by several places in several states. I settled for Southwest pneumatics in venus. Because I was told that they would have my trailer back to me in 2 or 3 weeks. So I dropped my trailer off and decided not to bug them too much. I'd call for a status update here and there. Eventually found out that I was being lied to. Long story short 63 days later I go to pick up my trailer and either they didn't know who I was or were pretending not to. I spoke to the same people I dropped the trailer off with. I was holding out because I had work lined up and need this done. I called the day before and let them know I was coming to get my trailer. When I got there I couldn't find my trailer. It wasn't in the area where I dropped it. So I went to service and then found it. I immediately noticed that all of my handles were moved. I set things a certain way after every load. So I decided to do a through inspection. The side wall of one of my tires was gashed. One of my bottom drop flaps was gone and my end cap was gone. So now I'm pissed. I go tell service. They replaced the bottom drop flaps. They kept saying that they didn't know they had my trailer. Even though I was talking to the same people I gave the trailer to. They claimed not to know who's trailer it was but they let me leave with my 80k trailer without showing any kind of proof. They just stood there looking at one another as I drove off. Correction I didn't notice the end cap and tire until I got to the washout shop. I got to the washout place and started opening everything up and FRIGGIN tiny rocks like pea gravel or something comes out of every pod. I've never had rocks on my trailer and honestly didn't know it was a thing. So the only thing I can come up with is that they let someone use my trailer or someone took my trailer,used it and brought it back. Because it wasn't where I dropped it and it was dropped very low. Plus it was set up differently than I use it. You can't take my trailer by mistake if you have the gift of sight. I have a toolbox on the front deck and a 30 gallon water tank ,factory ground line spool and a 50 foot airline spool on the back. So whoever took it did it deliberately. Because I've never seen another pneumatic set up like mine. Icing on the cake. No work was done to my trailer in the 63 days. I bought a 53' air ride dry van to pass the time. It's for sale because I haven't touch it since getting my pneumatic back. It needs nothing. It's a 97. 12k and it's yours. Yes it's air ride.